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Happy International Sloth Day!

Today, Tuesday October 20th is International Sloth Day!

This annual holiday was created in 2010 by AIUNAU, an animal welfare group based in Colombia, to raise awareness for the threats facing sloths due to deforestation. If you're wondering how you can help nature's slowest mammal, don't miss this article from The Sloth Conservation Foundation.

Sloth hugging earth

Ok, cute! But why are we talking about sloths on DEV at all?

Great question. It's not because these sleepy animals are one of nature's most relatable creatures (especially, you know, the morning after being on-call). We felt compelled to give sloths a special shoutout today because our beloved mascot, Sloan, is a sloth ❤️

To celebrate Sloan and all the sloths out there on International Sloth Day, here are five fast sloth facts...

1. Sloths are frugal

At least in terms of their energy expenditure. The metabolic rate of sloths is just 40-45% of what would be typical for their body weight! This slow metabolism complements sloths' leafy diet and is the basis for their drowsy reputation.

2. Sloths wouldn't pass an eye exam

Don't let Sloan drive your car — they wouldn't be able to see the exit signals. In fact, three-toed sloths can't see their own babies from 5 feet away and sloths in combat have been observed trying to stike one another from far away!

3. Sloths are swimmers

Despite their preference for napping and extremely slow movements, these tree-dwellers are actually great swimmers!

4. Sloths are survivers

Three-toed sloths are the slowest animal on earth (slower than snails or tortoises!). But while sloths were first documented in 18th-century scientific texts as "the lowest form of existence" (RUDE), their slow pace has allowed them to evade predators.

5. Sloths are helpful to software developers!

Or, at least, Sloan is helpful. Did you know that if you want to ask a question of the DEV community anonymously, you can share it with Sloan and they'll post it on your behalf? Pretty generous for a creature that would much rather be sleeping if you ask us! Details on how to submit an anonymous question to Sloan here.

Happy International Sloth Day to all of you! And to Sloan, thank you for being the beloved mascot of the DEV community 🎉

Sloth King in Space

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toddhgardner profile image
Todd H. Gardner • Edited

This is the sloth content I'm here for.

Sloth planning a rocket.

vtrpldn profile image
Vitor Paladini

Is it okay to skip work and take an afternoon nap to honor this wonderful day? 🦥🦥🦥

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

We'd ask our resident sloth, but Sloan is napping!

maddogdean profile image
MadDogDean • Edited

A ha!!! Now we know why Sid the Sloth was the lead actor in the complete Ice Age series!

And this is us sloth Devs debugging:

Debugging Sloth

Happy Sloth Day!!

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington • Edited
margo_hdb profile image
Margo McCabe

This is amazing

sharadcodes profile image
Sharad Raj (He/Him)

So that's international rest day

gabeguz profile image
Gabriel Guzman

Pretty sure the sloth is my spirit animal.