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It is great to see what Wasm Builders is becoming

In case you missed it, we recently spotlit Wasm Builders.

Wasm Builders exists to offer depth in WebAssembly, where DEV can offer some discovery and breadth. It's also owned and operated by people who have a stake in WebAssembly and care deeply about this technology.

Wasm Builders 🧱

Learn, connect, and showcase everything to do with WebAssembly; an emerging technology powering web, cloud, IOT, and more!


Since that post, nearly 1,000 people have signed up, and the feed has become a tremendous resource the pulse of WebAssembly — yes, there are only a few posts a week, but they are all part of a growing knowledge base. It's great to see!

We are on a mission to improve DEV as an engine for community and discovery, while also ensuring we provide the building blocks for a more expansive ecosystem, and it is great to see momentum in this regard. We don't operate Wasm Builders, but we are partners in the operation via Forem.

If you are curious about WebAssembly, check out this space. It is quickly becoming the best central resource for this branch of specialization in an up-and-coming technology.

Happy coding!

One last thing. You’ll notice "Sign up with Forem" as an option on these Forems. This is a service we now offer to most seamlessly navigate the ecosystem and manage your identity. We want you to be able to bring your full self without having to bring your full data, so making this distributed ecosystem as straightforward as possible in the long run is really important. Create a Forem account and connect it with your DEV account via your settings. 🙂

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Ben Halpern

That’s great!

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Really cool to see the growth within this community. Can't think of a better way to keep the internet healthy than to make it a bit smaller 🌱