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Landing the First Job

There are so many things to think about when searching for that first dev job, and even more to keep in mind once you actually start. The best tips come from those that have been there before, so let's check out some posts from different folks and see what methods and strategies they used to succeed.

If you’re looking for an internship or freelance work to start off, don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Let the DEV community know you are looking for work. Ravi has these tips on applying for internships:

  • Find the right point of contact
  • Keep the intro short
  • Talk more about what you can give to the company, less about what you’ll take away…

After you have some experience under your belt, make sure you know how to market yourself for full-time positions. Update your code on GitHub, add your DEV articles to LinkedIn, stay in contact with connections that have had positive work experience with you, and reach out to mentors and the community for advice. We suggest getting experience with open-source projects as a great resume builder.

Starting that first job can be stressful and nerve racking, as Amanda points out in her article Self Care for Developers don’t forget to:

  • Celebrate how far you’ve come 🥳
  • Be thankful to those who helped you get where you are
  • Practice overall self care

Remember that even senior developers are constantly learning and making mistakes. Never be too proud to admit and grow from these. If you take responsibility for your actions and communicate effectively even when situations become difficult, then you are acting as a good teammate.

We hope that this four part series gives you the tools you need to succeed as a beginner dev. Follow the #career, #internships, and #beginners tags for more articles to help you get your start.

If you’re a senior dev or in a hiring position, how do these tips level up to what you are looking for in beginners?

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Chris C • Edited

Communities like this are good for growing your career skills and networking! Thx Avery