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Reminder — Join the GitHub Actions Hackathon 2021 on DEV ⏰

This year's GitHub Actions Hackathon on DEV closes on December 8th, 2021 @ midnight PST (i.e. 8 AM UTC the following day)

It's been so much fun watching submissions come in for the 2021 GitHub Actions Hackathon on DEV. I highly encourage all of you to check out all the submissions so far — impressive stuff!

As a reminder, this contest challenges you to utilize GitHub Actions (either new or existing) to create a customized and usable workflow across five categories (Maintainer Must-Haves, DIY Deployments, Interesting IoT, Phone Friendly, & Wacky Wildcards). The reward? DEV Community glory (signaled with a limited-edition badge) — oh, and a chunk of the $10,000 cash prize pool plus additional swag 🤑

>> Full details and participation rules here

Additional resources

If you have any questions about Actions, GitHub, or the hackathon in general, please refer to this help thread, which is being monitored by the GitHub and DEV teams:

If all you need is some positive encouragement or if you want to connect with other participants, leave a comment in this thread:

Happy coding and enjoy this challenge! Two weeks remain!

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Indian Tech Hunter

Really excited!