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DevNews S1E2: Ruby, Chrome DevTools, Mozilla Layoffs, Hello Weather, and React 17

There's a brand new episode of DevNews out today 👀

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In this installment, Saron and I cover several recent news stories that are relevant in the developer community right now:

  • The upcoming release of RBS, a new Ruby 3 language for type signatures—you won't have to change Ruby code to type check now!
  • GitHub's announcement that it's running Ruby 2.7 in production.
  • Chrome DevTools' new CSS Overview (you'll now be able to see things like colors, fonts, media queries, and unused declarations directly from within DevTools! 🎉).
  • The recent round of layoffs at Mozilla, which means a reduced investment in developer tooling and many talented folks out of work—for now.

Saron and I also chatted with two guests on this episode:

  • Jonas Downey (Design Lead at Basecamp, and co-creator of the Hello Weather app) about what it’s like to be an indie iOS developer "working under Apple's 800-pound gorilla rule".
  • Dan Abramov (Software Engineer at Facebook, creator of Redux, and co-author of the Create React App) about the newest version of React and how the core team thinks about major version releases.

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I hope you tune in to the DevNews podcast, where we cut through the impossibly noisy news cycle to surface developer stories that impact many of us in this space. 🗞️🗞️🗞️

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Thanks to @levisharpe for producing & mixing the show, my co-host in this episode, @saronyitbarek, and @joshpuetz for editorial oversight. Catch Josh hosting in the series premiere from last week!

Finally, thanks to our sponsors, Heroku and Vonage

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