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Listen to DevNews S1E3 — Rust’s Future, Twitter’s New API, Fortnite’s Biggest Battle, and more! 🛡️

There's a brand new episode of DevNews out today 👀

In this episode, my co-host Saron and I chatted about several news stories that I think you'll find relevant as a developer:

  • Atlassian’s recent announcement that their nearly 5,000 employees will remain working remotely even after the pandemic ends, while also keeping their offices open
  • The controversy surrounding Fortnight being banned from both Apple and Facebook due to a recent game-update that allowed in-app purchases and discounts.
  • Twitter's new API, which is said to be easier for developers to use and promises new features like poll results in tweets and conversation-threading.

Saron and I also talked to two guests this week

Ashley Williams, Principal Open Source Engineer at ApolloGraphQL, is a member of the Rust core team, and the Rust Foundation Project Group. She has created tools for the Rust ecosystem such as wasm-pack and cargo-generate and has been a member of the, community, infrastructure, and webassembly teams.

Steve Klabnik, Engineer at the Oxide Computer Company, is also a member of the Rust core team. Steve co-authored
"The Rust Programming Language" — and is an amateur sourdough baker.

Ashley and Steve joined us to shed some light on how the massive layoffs at Mozilla impact not only the 250 former employees at the company but the future of Rust as well.

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I hope you tune in to the DevNews podcast, where we cut through the impossibly noisy news cycle to surface developer stories that impact many of us in this space. 🗞️🗞️🗞️

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Thanks to @levisharpe for producing & mixing the show, my co-host in this episode, @saronyitbarek, and @vaidehijoshi for editorial oversight. Catch Vaidehi hosting in last week’s episode!

Finally, thanks to our sponsors, Heroku and Vonage

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