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State Of The Web Data - Call For Analysis!

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A few weeks ago, we released a survey to learn more about your thoughts on The State Of The Web. Today, we're sharing all of the data we collected with the community. Why? Because this sort of thing is more fun with more participation and analysis.

We'll also be returning to the Google Chrome Developers studio this week to share some of our findings. If you're interested in digging through the data, we'd love to include any of your interesting/fun insights in the episode!

Here is an Excel file or CSV of the raw data, and below are the survey questions for your reference.

If you'd like your insights to be shared before the next taping, please comment here or publish a post by Wednesday 08/29 with the tag #sotwsurvey.

Multiple Choice

1. Which is your primary browser for development?

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Other
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Edge

2. Which of the technologies have you made use of?

  • HTTP2
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  • Browser Push Notifications
  • Service Workers
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

3. How old are the apps you frequently work on? (Choose as many as you like)

  • Less than 1 year
  • 1-3 years
  • 3-8 years
  • More than 8 years

4. What is your typical Internet connection speed?

  • Less than 500kbps
  • 500kbps to 2mbps
  • 2mbps to 5mbps
  • 5mbps to 10mbps
  • 10mbps to 15mbps
  • Over 15mbps
  • I don't know

For the following section, indicate how strongly you agree with the following statements (scale of 0-10)

5. Web innovation is outpacing native

6. I am satisfied with the state of browser tooling for web dev

7. Building for the web is becoming easier over time

8. I feel safe while browsing the web

9. I am satisfied with browser standards adoption

10. The web is improving for end-users

11. I am satisfied with the communication between the software side and the business side of my organization

12. I am satisfied with the communication between the design side and the engineering side of my organization

13. I am satisfied with the state of analytics tooling for the web

14. I am satisfied with the state of a/b test tooling for the web

15. I am satisfied with the current user interface design trends for the web

16. I am familiar with the laws associated with GDPR

17. The desktop web is typically slow and sluggish

18. Accessibility is an important concern in my web development

19. The mobile web is typically slow and sluggish

20. I dislike ads on the web

21. I am optimistic about the future of progressive web apps

22. Artificial intelligence advancements are having a big impact on the web

23. I am satisfied with the development libraries my team and I use

Now for some more multiple choice and yes/no, etc.

24. Which software development roles do you assume on a regular basis?

  • Front-end web development
  • Back-end web development
  • Web designProduct manager for web team
  • Web tooling development
  • Admin/ops for web team
  • I am a developer but not for web
  • I am a manager but not for web
  • I am a designer but not for web
  • None of the above

25. Which of these front-end JavaScript frameworks do you work currently work with?

  • React
  • Angular
  • Polymer
  • Vue
  • I use frameworks but none of these
  • I don't use any JavaScript frameworks
  • I don't write front-end JavaScript

26. When working with CSS, which of the following do you make use of?

  • flexbox
  • grid
  • preprocessors
  • None of the above
  • I don't work with CSS

27. How does your team/project do a/b testing in your projects?

  • Custom built solution
  • Open source library/framework
  • Third party product/service
  • My team doesn't practice a/b testing

28. Which desktop operating system do you use for development?

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

29. Does your team/project support IE 10 and under? (Y/N)

30. Should browsers still allow users to disable JavaScript? (Y/N)

31. Do the apps/sites you work on typically import custom fonts? (Y/N)

32. Does your team create design mockups before coding? (Y/N)

33. Does your team use a package manager such as npm, yarn, bower, etc.? (Y/N)

34. Do your projects currently serve WebP-formatted images to supporting browsers? (Y/N)

35. Does your team write code tests for front-end code? (Y/N)

36. Does your team write code tests for back-end code? (Y/N)

37. Do you typically practice test-driven-development? (Y/N)

38. What is your age in years? (fill in)

39. How long have you been working in software (in years)? (fill in)

40. Which mobile device ecosystem you use for personal use?

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Other
  • Other

41. What is your gender identity?

  • Man
  • Woman
  • Prefer Not to Answer
  • Other

42. Which of the following educational programs have you made use of?

  • A computer science degree
  • An in-person bootcamp/coding school graduation
  • An intensive online learning program
  • A self-paced online learning program
  • None of the above

43. Are you a...

  • Cat person
  • Dog person
  • Neither

The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. šŸ˜„


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I've added the dataset to the HTTP Archive's project on BigQuery for easier analysis. Fellow project member Paul Calvano has also been doing a lot of great analysis into this dataset over at discuss.httparchive.org/t/the-dev-...


I am very late in submitting mine but wanted to get it kind of just right. I put my insights on my Github page which can be found at developbit.github.io/. I look forward to doing more of these. It was great to analyze the data and to be part of the community. #sotwsurvey


This is awesome, thanks Tammy!


That last question is where all the juicy data will be.


Ahoy hoy. I hacked something together here: sotw-survey-2018.stackblitz.io/

Yes, it's ugly. And it needs work. And more math.


Great job on the visualizations, specially the highlighted grids for emphasizing the number of occurrences in an easy-to-see way.


No analysis yet, but if anyone wants a quick and dirty visualization of the data, I threw this together this morning:


MartyHimmel / DEV-state-of-the-web-2018

dev.to "State of the Web" survey results

A quick and dirty visualization of the results from dev.to's "State of the Web" survey.

The surveyresults.csv file has the original data from the Call for Analysis post.

results.json includes a cleaned up version to make it easier to use with Google Charts. Answers of "(blank)" and "" were removed and duplicate questions (multiple choice questions - the results were stored in multiple columns in the CSV) were merged. The parser script handles most of it, with the exception of merging the questions and their respective answer arrays.


I think that bar charts are better for "rating" questions like "Building for the web is becoming easier over time"


I fully agree. That's why I added the "quick and dirty visualization" note. :)

I haven't spent much time on it yet. Basically parsed the data to a JSON file, fed the data into a loop, and called it good for a quick view. A few of the labels need some work, too (like 0/1 for true/false or yes/no).

I'll get around to better formatting/styling at some point, but it's low priority right now. I just wanted to get something out there for anyone wanting to visualize the results.


Could drop it into Kaggle as a dataset?


I can't seem to load the query...

no archive

You may need to create a Google Cloud project in order to access it. You can find a walkthrough in the HTTP Archive docs: github.com/HTTPArchive/legacy.http...


After looking through the questions i think we are missing probably the most important question:
Do you use a light or dark theme in your IDE/text editor...


I know today is the deadline to post, but what time is the deadline?


I will display much later tonight. That is ok as long as it posted in my case.


I am so used to CSVs where each column name is like one word that when I first opened it up I was like "what the hell this isn't even a -- oh, huh, sure is isn't it. šŸ˜‚


Got to it a little to late to share my findings, but i'll have lots of fun with it nevertheless :P

And thanks for sharing!