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The Deepgram x DEV Hackathon ends soon! Don't miss your chance to join the fun ⏰

Hey DEV Community 👋

I wanted to pop into your feeds with a quick reminder that the Deepgram x DEV hackathon that's been running since March 10 closes this upcoming Tuesday (April 11) at 11:59 PM UTC. This contest is unlike any other we've held here on DEV in the past because there are many different ways for you to participate and possibly win a big prize 👀

"Build" Challenge

For starters, you can build an application using Deepgram's speech-to-text technology. There are four intriguing categories for you to pick from if you go this route:

Accessibility Advocates: Use Deepgram to improve user accessibility. Think about user input, accessing media or live events, and improving understanding.
Analytics Ambassadors: Use Deepgram to analyze one or many pieces of audio. You may analyze a single call to help understand what happened or analyze hundreds of media files all at once.
Gram Gamers: Use Deepgram in a game. You may build an entirely voice or text-based game, a 2D or 3D game, or more novel playable experiences.
Wacky Wildcards: If it doesn’t fit into the categories above, Build an app using Deepgram that's totally out-of-the-box, random, and fun.

"Innovative Ideas" Writing Challenge

Not feeling the "Build" challenge? Instead, you can participate in the "Innovative Ideas" writing challenge by coming up with an interesting use-case for Deepgram and telling us all about it!

Your submission will cover the big ideas and story of what you've come up with and any mock-ups you've created in a thoughtful blog post.

Whether you choose the "Build" or "Innovative Ideas" Challenge (or both!), you'll be using this template for your submission.

If you don't have time to participate in either the "Build" or "Innovative Ideas" challenge of the Deepgram Hackathon on DEV, there's yet another way for you to join the fun...

We're inviting both hackathon participants and DEV Community Members who are cheering them on from the sidelines to earn limited-edition badges in exchange for their encouragement of participants. Participants will earn a unique profile badge


5 Grand Prize Winners (— one in each category of the "Build" challenge and one in the "Innovative Ideas" challenge) will receive:

  • $1,500 USD gift card or equivalent
  • $300 USD credit to the Forem Shop
  • Deepgram swag pack
  • DEV sticker pack
  • DEV “Deepgram Hackathon” Grand Prize winner profile badge, unique to the category selected

Runner-Up Prizes (10 Total, across all categories and challenges):

  • $250 USD gift card or equivalent
  • $150 USD credit to the Forem Shop
  • DEV and Deepgram sticker packs
  • DEV “Deepgram Hackathon” Runner-Up profile badge, unique to the category selected

Participants (with a valid project):

  • DEV sticker pack
  • DEV “Deepgram Hackathon” participant profile badge

Community Engagement Prizes
In addition to the special profile badges we'll be awarding for Community Engagement, we'll also be randomly selecting one winner for each of the four Community Engagement categories to win $50 USD in cash.

DEV will double the sticker credit prize for all participants who submit under the "Build" and "Innovative Ideas" categories with valid projects for a total of $25 to the DEV shop. Just remember to house all your submission posts under the same series. More on that in the templates above.

We hope you'll consider joining this fun challenge while you can in whatever way you choose!

Deadline: April 11 @ 11:59 PM UTC

>> Full rules and details for participating here

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graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Can't wait to see all of the submissions for this awesome contest!

unitybuddy profile image
Mr. Unity Buddy

There're many great submissions, I feel sorry for the judge board 🤭

vulcanwm profile image

I would participate but I’m too young for this :/

jonaspetri profile image
Jonas Petri

Same ☹️

svgatorapp profile image

Such a fun contest!

chaitanya71998 profile image

Hola, got to know about deepgram, all the best to all the participants