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Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week

This is a weekly roundup of awesome DEV comments that you may have missed. You are welcome and encouraged to boost posts and comments yourself using the #bestofdev tag.

The Tell me an unpopular software opinion was one of the most popular threads last week, and had plenty of well-loved replies. If an unpopular opinion receives lots of positive reactions... does that make it popular? In any case, @gypsydave5 was at the top of the thread with this comment:

CSS and HTML are sufficient to build 99% of all websites.

@sunitk shares their frustrating interview experience in Reasons I've Been Rejected For Software Engineering Roles:

I will share an interview experience that happened many many years ago. The question asked was how to reverse a string. It was supposed to test how I can think about breaking down the problem and applying any algorithm if required. So I showed the standard 2 methods using a character array and going through in reverse order. Then I showed the way recursion can be used. The interviewer was okay with my answers and asked me which method I would use. Since the position required Java skills, I said none of these methods but the java provided StringBuffer which has a reverse method. This did not go down well with the interviewer despite my explanation that it's a method available in the JDK and has been tried and tested and hence more reliable.

For the other 2 questions asked, I did show the whiteboard code to solve the problem but suggested using JDK methods.

I did not get the job because the comment the interviewer made was like they needed people who could come up with solutions and not just use someone else's code!! I could not believe what I heard. I was recommending using available, tried and tested JDK methods!!

Thanks for this topic ... I too have many experiences where half way through an interview I knew that I won't get the job or I didn't want to work there.

@beggars adds to conversation in Will you write code after you retire? How will your relationship with our craft change?. Now I'm wondering what the name of that retirement community might be:

Retire? I will be writing code for as long as I am of sound mind. If I am in a retirement village, undoubtedly I will still be working on side-projects and hacking on numerous things. A retirement home for programmers would be a wonderful thing actually.

@marceloadsj adds a thorough reply to an article titled Svelte Needs A Virtual DOM:

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Finally, @thompcd thanks the author and reiterates one of the tips from ✒️ Some 🔥 tips on using the JS console (console.log & console.table):

Thank you! I always used console.log("waste my time", wasteMyTime), didn't know about console.log({wasteMyTime})!

See you next week for more great comments ✌

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Peter Kim Frank

Congrats to @gypsydave5 , @sunitk , @beggars , @marceloadsj , and @thompcd for making the list this week!

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Corey Thompson