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Top 7 Featured DEV Posts from the Past Week

Every Tuesday we round up the previous week's top posts based on traffic, engagement, and a hint of editorial curation. The typical week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, but don't worry, we take into account posts that are published later in the week.

One Monitor to Rule Them All

The debate over whether one monitor is better than multiple monitors has been going on for years. @wiseai exposes the drawbacks of using a multiple monitor set-up and shows how you can make using a single monitor a breeze, especially on Ubuntu.

Is 2 Greater Than 1?

On the other end of the argument, @apayrus shows us how using multiple monitors can be much more efficient when getting two things done at once. Where do you land in this debate?

CSS is Meant to be Messy

Somehow, CSS stylesheets are always a jumbled mess of classes and ids. This week, @itstrueintheory takes a look at what makes CSS complex.

All about in-app purchases

In this post, @yuliiakondr takes a look at the features of in-app purchases, the difference between consumable and non-consumable IAPs, and how to set it all up with Qonversion. Useful info!

How Osome migrated from Flow to Typescript

Today, there is no Flow or JS code in Osome’s codebase, successfully migrating more than 200k files of JavaScript to TypeScript. Explore how @frolovdev and their team accomplished this.

Retracing the steps to frontend software development

@davidmorais is currently on their fourth job in IT — seems like a pretty good person to learn from if you're hoping to get into software development! In this thorough post, David shares a look at how they got where they are in the hopes that it will help an early-career software developer ✨

Navigation, Fetching, Parsing, Rendering, oh my!

@arikaturika goes into the right level of depth on web browsers — they explain what happens from the moment we type a web address into the address bar until the page we are trying to access gets displayed on our screen. Bonus: awesome illustrations!

That's it for our weekly Top 7 for this Tuesday! Keep an eye on this week for daily content and discussions...and be sure to keep an eye on this series in the future. You might just be in it!

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)
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Andrey Frolov

Thank you!

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Arika O

Thank you Gracie 🙏!

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David Morais

Thanks ❤️

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Yulia Kondrashova

Thank you!

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Nick Taylor • Edited

Nice work everyone!

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I'm glad to see Shimin Zhang and Arika O this week here. Their posts were great!