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What components make up ethical design? Answer for the chance to appear on the DevDiscuss podcast!

The DevDiscuss Podcast begins with an interview and ends with commentary from listeners — and we like to feature the actual voices from our community!

To inform an upcoming episode of the show, we'd like to know...

“How would you define ethical design? What components or considerations are necessary when designing ethical software?”

For your chance to appear on an upcoming episode, answer the question above by:

  • Calling our Google Voice at +1 (929)500-1513 and leave a message 📞

  • Sending a voice memo to 🎙

  • OR, leaving a comment here (we'll read your response aloud for you) 🗣

Please send in your recordings by Wednesday, March 17th at Midnight, ET (9 PM PT, 5 AM UTC)

Voice recordings will be given priority placement 😉

Plus, don't forget to check out the most recent episode of DevDiscuss:

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Conner Ow

What I think defines an ethical design is the way you space things out and the way things are colored. High-quality graphics, spacing, and colors are what I think the three main bases of Design. Also, what comes with them is Imagination, Art, and Creativity. Without one of the six, the design isn't complete.

All designers must have a sharp eye, a large imagination, and the skills to make something truly beautiful.