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What was your win LAST week?


Apologies for the lack of a weekly wins thread last week! Somehow I drafted this but forgot to publish it.

That said, it's never too late to celebrate your wins. Let's talk about what you're proud of from LAST week.

All wins count — big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your desk ... or whatever else might spark joy ❤️

I'm looking forward to reading what you accomplished last week 🎉

Better Late Than Never

Top comments (25)

liyasthomas profile image
Liyas Thomas

Spoke at GitHub Satellite India

Hoppscotch crossed 28k GitHub stars

Docker containers collectively crossed 460k+ pulls
atulcodex profile image
🚩 Atul Prajapati 🇮🇳

cool :)

thassio__ profile image
Thassio Victor

Organized my life on Clickup. I have a lot of projects there related to personal goals and biz ideas and what not, but it was left in the dust.
Did a big clean up and I am very happy with the result :)

gedalyakrycer profile image
Gedalya Krycer

Last week I got a React website to talk to Mailchimp...finally! 😂 It took a few hours to get configure the API & helper package right, but it was great feeling to see the emails going from the website's subscribe form into the Mailchimp audience list. Whew.

papercoding22 profile image
Paper Coding

Last week, I and my team had a meeting to discuss about “Big Refactor” for our React web app which has been built for a year. I investigated and made a long list of “refactor items”, by doing so I improved my refactoring skills. Hope everything going well and not break the app

jpaulin profile image
Jukka Paulin

Sounds super! The platform is prime for making some refactoring at times.

cdthomp1 profile image
Cameron Thompson

A little over a week but I was able to finish porting my portfolio site over to React! Lots of fun learning about state management as well as using Netlify's serverless functions to serve some data as well!
Check it out here:

fennecdjay profile image
Jérémie Astor

I made a discord server for my programming language, and there is very useful feedback there, importantly, we started talking about adding traits and algebraic effect handlers, but also we live-coded a plugin to manipulate bitmap images, based on a libray made by a collaborator.

Also, not last week (I think), but the tour of the language now as a great interface.

gwion tour:

discord server:

image library:

jmdejager profile image
🐤🥇 Jasper de Jager

Reached 200 followers on! Thanks guys, more content comming soon!
Also started a new item here, ✔|| 🤢 commit or vomit and I'm really happy with all the replies, feeling great 😎😎

Really really happy with the community. keep up the good work ❤

mattdark profile image
Mario García

I spoke at LDN Virtual Talks, a Rust London Meetup. My talk was about mdbook and documentation in Open Source

bestape profile image
Kyle MacLean Smith

The lead singer from one of Canada's most popular bands told me in a DM that he thought my Cheerbot devices were a good idea.

raddevus profile image

I finished reading the book, Get Programming with Node.js
A nice straight-forward fast read written clearly with great examples. Highly recommend.

alexgeorgiev17 profile image
Alex Georgiev

Hello everyone! My blog post from last week on Top 10 Git GUI clients - managed to get more than 100 reactions and more than 4k views!

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Haha, I like the "last week" twist!

So, as of last Wednesday, I'm officially a land owner! Now, just gotta pop a house onto it. 😀

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Amazing! Congrats, Michael!

codelyf profile image

This is not related to code but still it is win for me.
Learned a new song in Keyboard!

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Love it!

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt • Edited

Published a new post here !

(Yes is two weeks ago but not shared here :3)

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

I received the JavaScript, React and Top 7 badges on DEV. A good week 🙌