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What was your win this week?

Hey there!

Looking back on this past week, what was something you were proud of accomplishing?

All wins count — big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Hiking in the great outdoors... or whatever else might spark joy ❤️

Have a wonderful weekend!

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dhravya profile image

Took part in a hackathon after a long time. Got back into intense web development. Learning so much so quickly. Built an amazing team, of hardworking hackers.

I'm not sure if we'll win this, but I'm sure I'll leave this hackathon with a huge prize - everything I learnt!

jcubic profile image
Jakub T. Jankiewicz • Edited

Posted my project on /r/programming Subreddit and got huge boost of visitors to my GitHub repo more than 3k of unique visitors in a single day.

ziizium profile image
Habdul Hazeez

For the first time in 3 months (12 weeks) I published an article on my Security news weekly round-up. Yeah, it meant a lot to me because I barely have free time.

Here you go:

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

I traveled to meet my new nephew (wife's sister's baby) this past weekend! 🐣

sitonimbus profile image
Carlos Andrés Mora González

I upload my first post on, and was great, it's just a simple tutorial

aigarspl profile image
Aigars Pluģis

Finally graduated University (now I officially have bachelor degree in Computer Management and CompSci)! 🎓🥂
Bonus - now I can have in front of my name!

nald profile image


aigarspl profile image
Aigars Pluģis

Thanks! 🥂🎓

miguelmj profile image

I wrote a post that has beaten my personal record of views and reactions. No that of a surprise, because it's a polemic topic, but, wow, it literally has de double of views that my previous record breaking post.

roselinebassey profile image
Roseline Bassey • Edited

Looking back on this past week, I'm super proud of myself for what I'm able to achieve.

Honestly, I'm excited that I completed a course on Docker this week and would talk more about my learning experience in the next series of "My Technical Writing Journal"

Most of the terms like containers, Docker image, Docker compose, etc. were new to me.

Tech world with Nana and IBM makes it easier to understand Docker and its terminologies.

I feel pumped for next week's ride.

mistval profile image

I was online at 11:00 at night last night, and I saw someone post in our DevOps Slack channel that their production deployment pipeline was failing for something that had to go out TONIGHT. It was their first time trying to deploy it to production. I quickly diagnosed the issue and fixed it by configuring a protected tag in GitLab CI settings (their production deployment pipeline wasn't able to access protected environment variables otherwise). Only took about 10 minutes, but it saved the day for them. I do love those easy wins. I am not on our DevOps team but help out where I can.

oscarrodar profile image
Oscar Rodriguez Arroyo

Improved my dev environment and it helped reduce compilation time. I also started to learn about gmock 😊

atulcodex profile image
🚩 Atul Prajapati 🇮🇳

Completed UI design crash course 🤪

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

Got a few users to try out the early Tails V2 beta 🙌

j4ng5y profile image
Jordan Gregory

Wrote, deployed, and watched a new service start to do exactly what we needed. Greenfield is always nice.

chuniversiteit profile image
Chun Fei Lung

I built a CLI application that shows an animated ASCII train. It was a nice way to learn some C#/.NET, but other than that it’s completely useless!

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

I made it to the weekend and completed a few Jira tickets during the week.