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What's Your Current Project's Elevator Pitch?

Step into our coding showcase series, where you can elevate your projects, exhibit your coding prowess, and collaborate with like-minded developers.

Share a quick overview of your ongoing project and ignite conversations about various projects in the community.

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Ryan Brown

Work Project A: By leveraging a centralized logging server, the quest for where logs are stored will end. We will be able to collect enriched logs and be able to correlate issues from multiple sources to more accurately and promptly discover root causes, identify trends and better serve our business users.

I'm fighting to NOT have this in the cloud.

  • Cloud versions has different feature set that what I want
  • Cloud version requires the Enterprise licence (substantial cost)
  • Cloud version has limited retention, extra storage at extra cost (still limited in functionality)
  • Cloud version would still require locally hosted components
  • Cloud erodes our knowledge capability by atrophying our competencies through divesting our responsibilities and technical prowess
  • Cloud removes our choices for when and how to upgrade
  • Self Hosted has retention as we define (limited by our storage resources)
  • Self Hosted has wider feature set
  • Self Hosted has better full control over retention periods. -Self Hosted ensures we we know what we have and what we're doing, how it works and can respond if/when there are issues
  • Self Hosted gives us full control when/how we upgrade. This is important as our integrity is important due to financial auditing requirements. (It's funny how those mostly boil down to do you have rules? do you follow them? no we don't care what those rules are)

The arguments for cloud are we can throw money at something to handle it. Though in practice what I see is we haven't reduced our required head count, and we've sacrificed our agility to the whims of an outside entity that responds mostly when they feel it may impact their contract.

Insert "old man yells at cloud" meme

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Franky Braem

In my spare-time I'm working on kwai. It's a project for managing a website for a judoclub. Originally written with PHP, I'm migrating the project to Python using FastAPI. In the meantime I try to follow and learn the DDD principles.

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Alexander Clemens • Edited

Nice! Thank you for creating this post to share our elevator pitch! Always exited to share my current open source project😇

I am thrilled to inform you about our open-source React ⚛️ project called "Before I Die Code." It is designed to help developers make meaningful contributions while reflecting on their life's purpose. Our platform is beginner-friendly and provides an opportunity for developers to make their first pull request. Contributors can share a photo and text about their dreams and life goals. This project aims to connect people through coding and reflection, enabling us to build software and meaningful lives together. Every contribution is valuable and appreciated. Our community is supportive and helpful. With step-by-step guidelines, friendly first timer issues, we inspire and uplift each other to achieve our aspirations. I welcome you to contribute and create a space to support each other in realizing our dreams.

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Mukesh KG


gift registry for India

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Deepak Rathore

Working on an Android Application which is for my own YouTube channel.

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Mel Smith

Currently I am working on mentioned scribe molding project for almost a couple of years.