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Vue Clean Celebrates Its First 10K Downloads

When I started developing with Vue I often found myself doing the same steps everytime I wanted to set up a new project. As developers we want to automate as much as possible to reduce errors, and so the idea for this plugin came up to my mind.

What if I build a script to delete all the unnecessary files and download the right dependencies to my project? That's nice, but what if there are other developers who are struggling with this same problem?

Immediately after thinking this I went to the Vue documentation about how to build a custom Vue CLI plugin, and deployed the first stable version of Vue Clean back in September, 2020.

Today, Vue Clean has 10K downloads on npm with an average of 2.2K downloads per month, and all I can say is ¡THANK YOU! 🙌🏼. And If you haven't download it yet, please give it a chance, I would love to hear your feedback. (Also don't forget to give it a star ⭐ while you are at it).

GitHub logo DevTony101 / vue-cli-plugin-clean

A plugin that helps you bootstrap your Vue application by doing some common configurations.

Vue CLI Plugin Clean

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A Vue 2.x plugin that helps you bootstrap your application by performing some common configurations.

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The main goal of this plugin is to quickly set up a project by deleting some files and components created by the Vue CLI service. By default this plugin will:

  • Delete everything in the components folder
  • Delete everything in the views folder except the Home.vue file
  • Re-write the router/index.js file to only include the route to the Home.vue file
  • Re-write the App.vue file to remove all the boilerplate code

Support for base components

This an opt-in feature that you can enable when installing…

While we are here I want to show two new features Vue Clean has:

  • Auto-export Vuex Modules: If you work with Vuex, you know the hassle of creating modules and importing them in the Vuex instance for every module you create. As per version v0.5.0 Vue Clean comes shipped with a script that auto-import all modules inside the vuex/ folder, so you can focus on what really matters, the code!
  • Props for the BaseButton component: If you have been working with the base button template, you'll be glad to know that now the component includes props for controlling the width and height of the button. This feature was introduced in version v0.5.1.

Thank you for reading this far! I'm excited to see what awesome projects you can do with the help of Vue Clean.

See you next time 👋🏼.

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