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IE6 is, like, dead, right?

This is a for-real question. I needed to do some work to our webserver today to help us maintain PCI compliance. One thing I did -- removing old SSL protocols and cyphers and forcing new, safer, compliant ones -- could impact the ability of folks on older browsers to access our site. I don't have the resources to test this, unfortunately.

Is there any legit reason to still be concerned about browsers dating back to the IE6 days (or browsers even from 3 years ago)? As someone who tries to do their best to maintain accessibility for anyone trying to visit, it pains me to do anything that might restrict someone from accessing our resources. On the other hand, I need to sleep at night knowing our sh*t is locked down...

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It's hard to estimate IE6 usage, it's a 17 years old browser and the last version was in Windows XP (last version in 2008) and Windows Server 2003 (last version 2007). So it's on board of computers that are at least 10 years old.

Three year old browsers are basically all evergreen browsers I think (that auto update).

It also depends on what kind of app we're talking about.

Is there a way you can find out, for each major browser, which versions of SSL they do not support? On Wikipedia there's some info

You might also install a few browsers with a VM and test websites like or