Object detection using Tensorflow.js

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A new article is published on overflowjs.com around detecting an object in an image using tensorflow.js two models imagenet and coco-ssd.

The first part of the article talks about making the UI with react.js to upload the image and select the model from which the detection should happen.

The second part of the article makes an endpoint in node.js using tensorflow.js to detect the object in the image passed.

Read full article - https://overflowjs.com/posts/Image-Object-Detection-Using-TensorFlowjs.html

Github code link for UI- https://github.com/overflowjs-com/image_object_detction_react_ui

Github code link for Backend- https://github.com/overflowjs-com/image_object_detection_tensor_api

Happy coding!

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Hi Deepak,

We encourage the entire article to be published on DEV.to (if you have proper rights), with a linkback if appropriate. Otherwise, we recommend original material, such as an original commentary on the article.

From the Terms of Use:

Users must make a good-faith effort to share content that is...not designed primarily for the purposes of promotion or creating backlinks. Additionally, posts must contain substantial content — they may not merely reference an external link that contains the full post.

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Thank you.


Thanks for letting me know. I will keep that in mind.

Article was not mine but was a good read so thought to share with the people here.

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