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Dominik Gorczyca
Dominik Gorczyca

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Module 6 - Next-Level JavaScript

Click Here to play PAC-MAN and Click Here to see how I did it, what I struggled on, what I learned and what really happened to my website.

This module was very short, I learned many new things from next-level JS(many which I already knew about) like:

  • Template literals - 'string text ${expression} string text' (couldn't escape backtick so it's apostrophe instead)
  • Destructuring assignment - [a, b] = [10, 20];
  • For of loop - for (let element of elements) console.log(element);
  • Arrow functions - () => "Hello world"

Then there were few challenges to accomplish but they were extremely easy like find largest number in array but at least I could try out some new things from before.

The final part took me 2 months though. The challenge was to create simple Pac-man game but I was unsatisfied when I saw what we will get at the end:

a basic Pac-Man game

Nothing against the teacher but I decided to be ambitious and that instead of going along I will do it from scratch myself. It took me over 2 months and it was many times bigger than my last biggest project, after some confusion with weird bugs caused on Github Pages I discovered that Adblocker Ultimate

Update: it turned out this problem exists only on Github Pages and it works well on CodePen so you can play to your hearths content in not buggy version!
Update 2: In the end what caused the problem was adblocker extension so the problem was finally resolved!

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Cooper Riehl

Good for you for taking the initiative to try writing the project from scratch! Every "buggy failure" is also a valuable learning experience, to make our next project a "slightly less buggy failure".

Thanks for sharing :)

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Dominik Gorczyca • Edited

That's my plan 😎
I tried to look a bit and after trying to upload it on CodePen everything worked fine! So if you want to play unbugged pac-man, here it is!

geekie profile image

Nice work, but I'm not playing another Pac-Man!

P.S. The second "Click Here" link is broken!

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Dominik Gorczyca

Oh sorry, I didn't know link changes when the page is posted, it should be good now.