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Create reactive pages without any JavaScript!!

Single page applications, by themselves, are pretty easy to make. But making something complex, with modals, carousels, multiple pages, etc. is a painful thing to do.
For example, if you have a portfolio website, and a small about section, a small projects section. Everything crammed into one page looks messy, so you want to make them into different pages, or atleast, as modals. This would require some javascript and CSS pain that most beginners won't wanna go through

One of my friends (ADI) experienced this, and called me on discord - explaining the problem. We both worked out the solution to make the entire process much simpler - loadless.js
Loadless logo

Loadless allows you to create multi-page applications, but with only one HTML file. It's syntax is very easy to use, no javascript knowledge required (even for customisation).

worrying about size? Don't! The library file is only 157 B
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There is also functionality to do custom animations on page change, and we've also made many animations like animate-left, animate-right, fadein, fadeout and many more to come!

OK, but how do I use it?

Using it is veryyy easy:

use the CDN link

Just paste this script in the header of your HTML file

<script src="" defer></script>
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Creating pages

You can create a page by giving the page a data-page="page_id" and the trigger to show that page will be data-loadless-btn="page_id". This will make all the other sister divs (which are pages and under the parent) disappear.

(note: to use the animations, you have to also import an optional CSS file, from here:

Here's an example

    <a data-loadless-btn="1" href="#hello">Click here to say Hello</a> <br>
    <a data-loadless-btn="two" href="#world">Click here to say world</a>

    <div data-loadless-parent>
        <div id="hello" data-page="1" data-animate="left">
        <div id="world" data-page="two" data-animate="fadein">
            another div 
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Here, I have given it an href so that the page is "linkable".

the possibilities for this are endless - this makes so many things easier for beginner web developers. Here's an example where ADI used loadless in his portfolio:

For any help, join our discord server:

We're working on more animations, documentation, website and much more. Support us by ⭐-ing the project on GitHub!!

GitHub logo loadless / loadless

Create popups, modals, page transitions and create pages that do not reload the browser, without writing javascript or CSS!

Loadless Logo


Loadless is a javascipt library that allows you to make reactive SinglePage Applications without ever reloading the page


👀 Why Loadless?

  • Create pages that do not load or refresh the page without writing any javascript code.
  • Modals and popups that normally require DOM manipulation can now be created very easily, right in HTML.
  • Use transitions and animations to load pages without writing CSS.
  • Loadless can be customized to meet your needs.
  • Easy setup: you just need to add 2 CDN links (one optional CSS animations file).

🛠 Setup

Add this script tag in your HTML's header (make sure to defer it)

<script src="" defer></script>
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If you want to make the best out of loadless, link this CSS cdn. It's optional though and the library would work even without it

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
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Any feedback for the same would be greatly appreciated!

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