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TOP 5 NLP Platforms for AI Chatbots

Currently, we are living in the world where we regularly dealing with the chatbots/messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram etc. Now a days a lot of businesses uses the chatbots for there business marketing through this messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc. Isn't it great like if you wanted to book an appointment for the doctor visit which can be done via a simple bot. Sound interesting right?

So today we are discussing about What is a Chatbot and Top 5 NLP platforms which helps to create a most intelligent AI chatbots to make human life better.

Let's first talk about What is Chatbot?
A chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversation (either written or spoken), allowing humans to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person.

So Now questions arise 🧐, How those bots are developing. So most intelligent chatbots are built with NLP and NLU technology.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

NLP or Natural Language Processing consists in the processing of natural language by machines.

NLU (Natural Language Understanding)

NLU is a sub-component of NLP which consists in this case of adding statistical learning (Machine Learning). The NLU intervenes to identify the intentions and meanings of natural language, to basically understand what the user is saying. In order to achieve this, NLU algorithms use NLP.

So for building the chatbots some companies has developed a low code/no-code NLP platform for developer to build a great chatbot. So let's talk about what is NLP platform?

NLP Platform

A NLP platform is a SaaS (software as a service) that proposes NLP algorithms to integrate conversation interfaces with chatbots or other types of applications.

Hope you guys are with me till yet, Now probably you are thinking how many NLP platforms are in the market and which platforms are leading the chatbot market. So here you go πŸ˜€.

Top 5 NLP platforms for your chatbot

1. Dialogflow

Dialogflow is developed by the Google. So the main advantages of this NLP platform are.

  • Different pricing including a freemium version
    Channel specific answers are customisable to each of your channels can display the most suitable response.

  • Many channel integrations are available (ie: Messenger, Twilio, Slack)

  • In build conversation history and analytics based on the user's conversations

  • Multi-lingual supports

  • System as well as custom entity to capture the required information from the users.

  • Create custom dashboards for analytics using the Big-query and data-studio based on the Conversation logs

  • A test interface is available with the following text features: utterance, engine responses, contexts, intent, action, detected entities, values, JSON streams.

  • For more info: Dialogflow

2. Witai

Witai is developed by the Facebook. So the main advantages of this NLP platform are.

  • No difference between intent and entity as all actions are intents
  • Open source
  • Logs of past conversation history in the form of a chat dialogue.
  • Management of a very large number of languages (multi language) 58 languages
  • For more info: Witai

3. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is developed by the IBM. So the main advantages of this NLP platform are.

  • Different pricing starting with freemium
  • Automated named entity recognition
  • Full query history
  • Multilanguage on the most used languages in the world
  • For more info: IBM Watson

4. Rasa NLP

Rasa NLP is developed by the Rasa Enterprise. So the main advantages of this NLP platform are.

  • Open-source
  • Requires programming knowledge
  • Can be installed on premise as well as used as Saas Specialized in customer experience
  • For more info: Rasa NLP

5. Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is developed by the Amazon. So the main advantages of this NLP platform are.

  • Tagging of model versions, intents or entities.
  • Tagging of entities in intents in an explicit way by indicating slots.
  • Evolutive pricing starting from freemium.
  • Supports 6 different languages
  • For more info: Amazon Lex


Today we have covered What is chatbot and Top 5 low code NLP tools that can help us to build a great AI chatbots(πŸ€–) and make human life much better(🀩).

Please follow me on Twitter for more updates regarding the programming cool stuffπŸ˜„. Have a great day.

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