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What can programmers learn from predators?

So what can we programmers learn from predators? First, let me give you a bit of context so you know what I mean by predators. A predator is an organism that eats another organism. Thas the literal definition from google. The predators that I'm talking about are from the movie Predators. In the movie, a group of mercenaries and militia people find themselves on an alien planet in a game in which they are hunted and they have to survive. The creatures are savage and quite technologically advanced. They have rockers launchers, lasers, and thermal cameras mounted on their body. They can also become invisible to hunt their prey. When I was watching the movie a thought struck me. Being so technologically advanced why the f*CK do they have to hunt, why not create a simple farm? The obvious answer is, it's just a movie!, but I think it's deeper than that. Let me explain.

Predators being so technologically advanced didn't abandon their core nature ie hunting. Instead, they created tools that made that process more efficient ie creating tools and weapons.

What can we learn from them? Dont abandon your nature. We, humans also have a core nature. Humans are evolved from millions of years to survive. Living in a modern society, survival isn't a problem. I am not asking you to become a complete savage and go to some forest and become a Tarzan. Instead, try to leverage your core nature. How to do that in the programming world?

  • Do any form of exercise: Humans were completely fierce in the stone age. They could walk for tens of kilometers without even taking a break. They could take down a lion with just sharp stones. Our body has evolved to become more and more efficient and powerful. At least do some form of an exercise to bring out the beast in you. Believe me you will feel completely different and have a ton of energy.
  • Spend time in nature: For thousands of years, humans have lived in forests. Spending time in nature is relaxing. Instead of playing video games in your free time, sometimes go for a walk in nature. You can also place a plant on your desk.

  • anything you can think of that humans did thousands of years before.

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