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L2/Junior developer at Platzi

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This is a company that is dedicated to helping people create and develop innovative ideas in the world of technology, and as a consequence for these people they improve their quality of life; It is also a team of people who guide a community.

This company also helped me grow from L2/Junior to L3/Medium developer, and many people participated in my personal development, each of them giving me personal and professional lessons, directly or indirectly, I could say that this was once the best growth school in which I participated.

Professional lessons

Platzi is the best example of the search for quality in the professional aspect to give students the best experience, they can even reach the professional point where they experiment with developments and technologies that they do not yet offer in their courses to validate the new technologies that they are good for the future, that makes the platzi courses one of the best sources of information and they are also a signal to know where the technology is going.

And the lessons that can be learned from this are:

  1. We must see where the technology is going, whether we use it or not, this will give us the perspective of how these technologies can help us or also teach us to see what people we want to join.
  2. We must investigate and adopt the standards that represent quality and scalability, this will help us to give our best in the things we do, and these will represent us in front of others.
  3. We must lose the fear of creating and experiencing new things.
  4. Finally, these lessons and others represent Platzi's motto "Never stop learning"

Personal lessons

Not only do you live on technology, it is also important to grow personally, because you can always learn something new and nobody is perfect, and here having lived with a group of people who do their best to develop their professional aspect I also managed to learn personal lessons, which I understood at the time or later.

You can always grow, that is why we must strive to think that it is necessary to be the best of ourselves, be people who can help others grow, realize our defects and work on it, all this so that we all grow together, and it doesn't matter if others don't realize, we should help them understand.

To lose is to win, always that we strive to grow and although we fall if we learn a lesson, but we will only benefit when we manage to reflect on it, and to achieve this we must meditate in our words, the message behind people, which is behind his expressions and his language, here the most important thing could be to shut up and listen, and then be able to give a good answer.

What does it hold for the future?

We who are in this community can see that if we work together and strive to learn we can improve the future, but not everything is rosy since we are in a struggle, the world is increasingly complex, each time we are more, many people use what they learn from technology for bad things, there are more conflicts, many people do not know how to learn new things, many people do not know Platzi, the situation will become increasingly difficult.
Platzi helps us withstand this crisis, giving us tools, holding us so that when the greatest difficulties pass we can get ahead, and we can take advantage to take the lead, so nothing has been lost and in fact this is the best time to "never stop to learn".

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