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Top 17 web scraping tools for data extraction in 2022

Web scraping tools are software specially developed to extract useful information from websites. These tools are useful for anyone looking to collect any form of data from the Internet.
Here is a curated list of the best web scraping tools This list includes commercial and open source tools with popular features and the latest download link.

1. Bright Data

Bright Data is number one. 1 in the world, which provides a cost-effective way to perform large-scale, fast, and stable public web data collection, effortlessly convert unstructured data into structured data and deliver a superior customer experience, all while being completely transparent and compliant.

Bright Data’s Nextgen Data Collector provides automated, personalized data flow in a single dashboard, regardless of collection size. From eCom trends and social media data to competitive intelligence and market research, datasets are tailored to business needs. Focus on your core business by accessing reliable industry data on autopilot.


  • Most efficient
  • Most reliable
  • Most flexible
  • Fully Compliant
  • 24/7 Customer Support

2) Scrapingbee

Scrapingbee is a web scraping API that handles headless browsers and proxy management. It can run Javascript on pages and rotate proxies for every request so you get the raw HTML page without being blocked. They also have a dedicated API for Google search scraping


  • Supports JavaScript rendering
  • It provides automatic proxy rotation.
  • You can directly use this application on Google Sheet.
  • The application can be used with a chrome web browser.
  • Great for scraping Amazon
  • Support Google search scraping

3) Scraping-Bot is an effective tool for extracting data from a URL. Provides APIs tailored to your scraping needs: a generic API for fetching raw HTML from a page, a specialized API for scraping retail websites, and an API for scraping property listings from websites real estate.


  • JS rendering (Headless Chrome)
  • High-quality proxies
  • Full Page HTML
  • Up to 20 concurrent requests
  • Geotargeting
  • Allows for large bulk scraping needs
  • Free basic usage monthly plan

4) is a great tool if you want to extract news data from the web, as it is a news API, it crawls and stores huge amounts of news data in their database that you can access through’s news API. It provides access to structured news data in JSON format and allows access to its historical news database.


  • Get the latest news data with their news API
  • The best alternative for Google news API.
  • Advanced filters to get the most relevant data.
  • Has massive news database to access.

5) Scraper API

Scraper API tool helps you manage proxy, browser, and CAPTCHA. This allows you to get HTML from any web page with a simple API call. It’s easy to integrate as you just need to send a GET request to the API endpoint with your API key and URL.


  • Helps you to render JavaScript
  • It allows you to customize the headers of each request as well as the request type
  • The tool offers unparalleled speed and reliability which allows building scalable web scrapers
  • Geolocated Rotating Proxies

6) Scrapestack

Scrapestack is a REST API for real-time web scraping. More than 2,000 companies use scrapestack and trust this dedicated API supported by apilayer. The scrapestack API allows businesses to scrape web pages in milliseconds, managing millions of proxy IPs, browsers, and CAPTCHAs.


  • Uses a pool of 35+ million data centers and global IP addresses.
  • Access to 100+ global locations to originate web scraping requests.
  • Allows for simultaneous API requests.
  • Supports CAPTCHA solving and JavaScript rendering.
  • Free & premium options.

7) Agenty

Agenty is a robotic process automation software for data scraping, text mining, and OCR.

Creates an agent with just a few mouse clicks. This app helps you reuse all your processed data for your analytics.


  • It enables you to integrate with Dropbox and secure FTP.
  • Provides you with automatic email updates when your job is completed.
  • You can view all activity logs for all events.
  • Helps you to boost your business performance.
  • Enables you to add business rules and custom logic with ease.


This web scraping tool helps you train your datasets by importing data from a specific webpage and exporting the data in CSV format. It is one of the best data scraper tools that allows you to integrate data into applications using APIs and webhooks.


  • Easy interaction with webforms/logins
  • Schedule data extraction
  • You can store and access data by using cloud
  • Gain insights with reports, charts, and visualizations
  • Automate web interaction and workflows

9) Dexi Intelligent

Dexi intelligent is a web scraping tool that allows you to convert an unlimited amount of web data into immediate business value. This web scraping tool allows you to save money and time for your company.


  • Increased efficiency, accuracy, and quality
  • Ultimate scale and speed for data intelligence
  • Fast, efficient data extraction
  • High scale knowledge capture

10) Outwit

It’s a Firefox extension that you can get from the Firefox add-ons store. To purchase this product, you will have three distinct options based on your needs. 1. Professional edition, 2. Expert edition, and 3. Enterprise edition


  • This data scraper tool allows you to grab contacts from the web and email source simply
  • No programming skill is needed to exact data from sites using Outwit hub
  • With just a single click on the exploration button, you can launch the scraping on hundreds of web pages

11) PareseHub

ParseHub is a free web scraping application. This advanced web scraper makes data extraction as simple as clicking the data you require. It is one of the best data scraping tools, allowing you to save your scraped data in any format for further analysis.


  • Clean text & HTML before downloading data
  • The easy to use graphical interface
  • This website scraping tool helps you to collect and store data on servers automatically

12) Diffbot

Diffbot enables you to easily obtain various types of useful data from the web. You don’t have to pay for expensive web scraping or manual research. With AI extractors, the tool will allow you to extract structured data from any URL.


  • Offers multiple sources of data form a complete, accurate picture of every entity
  • Provide support to extract structured data from any URL with AI Extractors
  • Helps you to scale up your extraction to 10,000s domains with
  • Crawlbot
  • Knowledge Graph feature offers accurate, complete, and deep data from the web that BI needs to produce meaningful insights.

13) Data streamer

The Data Stermer tool allows you to retrieve social media content from all over the internet. It is one of the best web scrapers for extracting critical metadata via natural language processing.


  • Integrated full-text search powered by Kibana and Elasticsearch
  • Integrated boilerplate removal and content extraction based on information retrieval techniques
  • Built on a fault-tolerant infrastructure and ensure high availability of information
  • Easy to use and comprehensive admin console

14) FMiner

FMiner is another popular web scraping, data extraction, crawling screen scraping, macro, and web support tool for Windows and Mac OS.


  • Allows you to design a data extraction project by using an easy to use the visual editor
  • Helps you to drill l through site pages using a combination of link structures, drop-down selections, or url pattern matching
  • You can extract data from hard to crawl Web 2.0 dynamic websites
  • Allows you to target website CAPTCHA protection with the help of third-party automated decaptcha services or manual entry

15) Sequentum

The Sequentum is a robust big data solution for dependable web data extraction. It is one of the best web scrapers for scaling your organization. It includes user-friendly features such as a visual point-and-click editor.


  • Extract web data faster and faster way compares to other solution
  • Help you to build web apps with the dedicated web API that allow you to execute web data directly from your website
  • Helps you move between various platforms

16) Mozenda

Mozenda extracts text, images, and PDF content from web pages. It is one of the best web scraping tools for organizing and preparing data files for publication.


  • You can collect and publish your web data to your preferred Bl tool or database
  • Offers point-and-click interface to create web scraping agents in minutes
  • Job Sequencer and Request Blocking features to harvest web data in a real-time
  • Best in class account management and customer support

17) Data Miner Chrome Extension

This Data Miner chrome extension aids in web scraping and data acquisition. It allows you to scrape multiple pages and provides dynamic data extraction.


  • Scraped data is stored in local storage
  • Multiple data selection types
  • Web Scraper Chrome extension extracts data from dynamic pages
  • Browse scraped data
  • Export scraped data as CSV
  • Import, Export sitemaps

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