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Latest products and features at DigitalOcean: April 2022

DigitalOcean’s product team has been working hard in April to bring developers new features and capabilities. Find out the latest news, including improvements for PaaS, DBaaS, Developer Solutions, and more, and learn about the new SaaS Add-Ons from the DigitalOcean Marketplace, now available on-demand and with generous free plans to get you started.

DigitalOcean App Platform (PaaS)

App Platform can now auto-detect multiple resources for new apps

When you create a new App Platform app you can now add new resources, in addition to already being able to add resources to an existing app. Resources are deployable runtime software elements like a database, service, worker, or static site.

Python Buildpack 3.10.4

We updated the default version of Python in the Python Buildpack from 3.9.9 to 3.10.4. For more information and configuration options, see the Python Dev Guide.

Hugo Buildpack 0.94.2

We updated the default version of Hugo in the Hugo Buildpack from 0.82.0 to 0.94.2. You can override the default version with an environment variable. For more information and configuration options, see Buildpack’s docs.

DigitalOcean Droplets (IaaS)

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS now available

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (ubuntu-22-04-x64) base image is now available in the control panel and via the API.

FreeBSD Droplets are being deprecated 1st of July 2022

To focus on our most used distributions we’re ending support for new FreeBSD Droplets. You will no longer be able to create new FreeBSD-based Droplets through the cloud control panel on the 1st of June 2022.

FreeBSD Droplets created from the 3rd of May to the 1st of July 2022 will continue to work despite these changes. Only legacy FreeBSD Droplets will remain on the platform.

You can create Droplets using FreeBSD after the 1st of July using DigitalOcean’s custom images feature to import a virtual disk image of FreeBSD OS.

DigitalOcean Load Balancer (LBaaS)

UDP support for time-sensitive transmission

For applications that require more time-sensitive transmission, such as live broadcasts. We have started rolling out UDP support for DigitalOcean Load Balancers. This includes UDP support for DigitalOcean Kubernetes Load Balancers.

DigitalOcean Managed Databases (DBaaS)

Managed MongoDB now with Dedicated CPU

DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB now has a dedicated CPU with your choice of General Purpose and Storage Optimized so you can better fit your business needs.

DigitalOcean Developer Solutions

Updated API Tokens with new management features

Take advantage of the new DigitalOcean API Tokens that have many new features like GitHub secret scanning, prefixed tokens, last used at, and expiring tokens. Generate a new API token and revoke old tokens to make sure you can use the new features.

Try SaaS Add-Ons today!

We’re thrilled to offer SaaS solutions as Add-Ons that run in the cloud and are available on demand. Add-Ons are offered by innovative software providers that apply to the DigitalOcean Marketplace. Read the blog or see Chris Sev’s demo in a couple of minutes.

The following are a few Add-Ons you will enjoy:



Business Ops

Log management

Automation and DevOps




Apple Pay is now available

We are now accepting Apple Pay! You can use this payment method for DigitalOcean on Safari and logged into Apple Pay.

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Happy coding!

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