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Dima Sukharev
Dima Sukharev

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Conventional Commits to keep git history clean

Conventional Commits is a specification for adding human and machine readable meaning to commit messages

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Here are the types of Conventional Commits:

feat — adds a new feature.

feat: Add login page
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fix — fixes a bug.

fix(api): Return 404 for invalid endpoints
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docs — add/update a documentation, no code is touched

docs(readme): Update installation instructions
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chore — update deps

chore: Update dependencies
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Using Conventional Commits can help make your commit messages clearer and easier to understand. By using a consistent format, you can convey important information about the changes you made and help others understand the progress of your project.

i was tired of lame 1 line commits and wasting time switching context and recalling the changes I have made, so I open-sourced a library OpenCommit that makes conventional commits for you in just 2 keys oc typed in a terminal.

i know it's impressive, i'll probably impress the world more with other extraordinary inventions, you may follow my bird twitter

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Sergey Bunas

wow! i've got respected at my job just using OpenCommit! Thanks

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Dima Sukharev • Edited


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𒎏Wii 🏳️‍⚧️

I tend to dislike adding additional clutter to commit summary lines as it already tends to be difficult to fit a good description within the character limit.

A better way to make commits somewhat machine-readable, imo, would be to add tags at the bottom of the commit, something like

Do a thing

Explanation of why the thing needed to be done.

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Then you can just do git log --grep #bugfix if you want to list all bugfix commits, etc.

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Dima Sukharev

grep is great, but it is a new convention, and a good one, you will have #feature #bugfix/bug

conventional commits are like "already done convention"

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Poorshad Shaddel

So true. Thanks for sharing!
I am also a big fan of conventional commit and also conventional branch naming!
I implemented this vscode extension for that.