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70 Underestimated Folks in Tech You Should Hire

"You should hire based on qualifications, not on race or gender."

This is the most common thing I hear whenever I amplify underrepresented folks in tech. Please know that this is your bias speaking. You are making an assumption that these folks are not qualified.

Underrepresented people in tech are not underqualified. We are underestimated. We are overlooked.

In this article on social networks, PRRI's American Values Survey shows that

the social networks of whites are a remarkable 93 percent white.

White American social networks are only one percent Black, one percent Hispanic, one percent Asian or Pacific Islander, one percent mixed race, and one percent other race.

In fact, fully three-quarters (75 percent) of whites have entirely white social networks without any minority presence.

Read that again and think about it for a minute.

In the US, 75 percent of white folks have entirely white social networks without any minority presence.

The most common advice given to job hunters is to build their network. If the majority (white folks in the context of the US) has the hiring power, but they stick to circles that look like them, how is the minoritised group supposed to enter these networks and find a job?

I run Diversify Tech, a newsletter and job board that connects underrepresented folks in tech to opportunities. My goal is to break these barriers. I'm giving you the opportunity to go beyond your own typical network and get to know these amazing folks. I regularly highlight our members in our talent directory and in our Business & Ally newsletter.

In this blog post, I'll be highlighting some of our members from Diversify Tech. These talented and skilled folks are looking for new roles. I grouped them based on the roles that they are seeking:


Edwin Ortega

πŸ“ Indiana, Remote | @ortegaDevOps | LinkedIn

IT professional with almost 20 years of experience, the majority of my experience has been concentrated on software development and DevOps implementation, seeking to pivot into a client facing/pre-sales opportunity.


Nikema Prophet

πŸ“ Remote only | Website | @dev_nikema | LinkedIn

I am a software engineer who is most excited about work that combines community building and software development. I am language-agnostic but have the most experience with full-stack JavaScript and front-end web development. Companies who work to democratize tech and software engineering get bonus points from me.


Kimberly Barnes

πŸ“ San Francisco, CA, Berkeley, CA, or Remote | Website | @Kim_Barnes | LinkedIn

Hello! I am a Salesforce expert based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently maintain a Salesforce Administrator certification (since 2017) but also hold an Asana, Project Management and SQL certificates. My previous role was as a Salesforce Administrator at a medical device company (which was affected by the recent pandemic). I graduated with my B.Sc. in Computer Information Technology from Purdue University where I specialized in Information Systems.


Samy Samandu

πŸ“ No location preference | @chic_cocobelle | LinkedIn

I am motivated, creative, adaptable individual. I enjoy solving problems, I enjoy researching and reading. I am looking to become a cybersecurity analyst.


Jasraj Singh Sangha

πŸ“ San Francisco, Remote | @JasrajSSangha | LinkedIn

Experienced working with seed and pre-seed funded startups. Currently volunteering on COVID-19 related projects. Alumni: UC Berkeley β€˜15, Peace Corps β€˜18

Jules Santiago

πŸ“ Remote, San Francisco, New York | LinkedIn

Hello I'm Jules, I have worked in AI/tech for almost a year now with experience in Quality Operations and Project Coordination.

Aine Ekoh

πŸ“ No location preference | Website | @AineE92580029 | LinkedIn

I am a Scrum master and former front-end developer. I specialize in Agile and Scrum Leadership. As a Scrum Master (CSM), I am motivated to better the lives of customers throughout the use of technology innovation and Agile methodologies. With a background in creating applications using React, Angular, HTML5, and CSS. I am able to properly facilitate agile scrum.

Technical Writing

Jody Zolli

πŸ“ Greater Boston Area | Website | LinkedIn

I'm a tenacious, versatile, detail-driven professional with expertise in user assistance, technology, and procedural and conceptual writing, uniquely suited to building information and processes that balance functional complexity with ease of use. As a resourceful team leader I use a collaborative, trust-based approach to partnering with teams across the organization supporting the needs of the business and the end user. I'm a life-long learner, an innovative problem solver, an exceptional project manager, and a tireless user advocate.


Diego Mas GonzΓ‘lez

πŸ“ Boston, New York, Remote | Website | @dmasgonzalez | LinkedIn

I'm an aspiring Product Manager with a history of success as a UX Designer and Researcher. Shifting into the tech space from a career as a marketer, I preach and practice the importance of gathering customer feedback -- not only to improve client products on behalf of customers and their experience -- but to solve for business needs through measurable KPIs. I have worked for educational institutions, design agencies, startups and large corporations.

Jessy Escobedo

πŸ“ willing to relocate + remote | Website | @eskimoburrito | LinkedIn

UX/Product designer with experience designing for web, mobile, SaaS, and AR/VR experiences. I'm passionate about leveraging technology to re-imagine systems, co-designing with diverse communities, and anticipating long-term implications. I've worked with organizations committed to imaginging better systems like IDEO CoLab, Acumen, Autodesk, Sidewalk Labs (an Alphabet company), Mayor Eric Garcetti's innovation team, and YC '15 startup Akido Labs.

Bianca Salomon

πŸ“ Remote, FL, CA, NY, CO | Website | @Biancasalomon_ | LinkedIn

Hi! I'm Bianca, a Product Designer, with a background in Front-end Development and Fashion Design. In the past 2 years, I've worked as a Web Developer at marketing agencies, as well as volunteered my Web Design skills to my community. Currently, I’ve been devoting my time to volunteer work for my church, as well as helping save small businesses in America amidst COVID-19.

Kate Gallagher

πŸ“ Denver/Boulder, Remote, International for right opportunity | LinkedIn

I love leveraging technology to have a real impact on real-world lives. Right now, I'm helping set up a standardized protocol for interoperability between privacy-focused contact tracing apps, in the hope that we're all soon back in our communities. I'm a user-focused product professional with a solid background in design and research. But, like many product managers, I expand to fill my role. So I'm also an efficiency nerd, a social coordinator, and an advocate for coworkers' professional development.

Abel Quintero

πŸ“ Portland, OR or Remote | Website | @abelq16 | LinkedIn

I'm a creative technologist with experience in product design, fullstack development, and product strategy. My strengths are in UX/UI design and frontend development.

Brittany Canty

πŸ“ Remote | LinkedIn

I'm a patented Product Management Leader who has an extensive history building innovative products and building amazing teams.


Asmara Mazur

πŸ“ Remote, San Francisco/ Bay Area | Website | LinkedIn

Experienced trainer in the tech and hospitality field with proven success in career development, project management, curriculum development, and technical writing. Looking to leverage my knowledge of adult learning to advise and advance a scaling team.


Lazaro Ambrosio

πŸ“ New York City, Albany, Remote, Open to relocating. | Website | @lazaro_ambrosio | LinkedIn

Lazaro Ambrosio is an iOS developer based in Bronx, NY who enjoys building and designing apps. Lazaro work, as an iOS developer, includes: - Reviewing client requirements, wireframes, and designs for accessibility. - Developing applications starting from Requirements, Design, Testing, Building, and Deployment. Lazaro is passionate about iOS development, Swift, Swift UI, UX|UI design, and innovation. Lazaro is always looking to connect with other passionate people.


Miles Eckles

πŸ“ Remote, Atlanta, Dallas, DC, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, New York | LinkedIn

Hi! I'm a Software QA professional with a background in Computer Science (B.A.), and Management Information Systems (M.S.). I have 5 years of experience in QA, mostly with manual testing, and 1 year of automated testing. I have had the opportunity to work in healthcare, consumer/retail goods, and education, and would like to leverage my experience in a full-time QA role. My Tech Stack: TestRail, JIRA, Selenium, Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), Axosoft, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS.


Britt Allen

πŸ“ Oakland - Bay Area, Remote | Website | LinkedIn

I thrive on outcomes and in roles where I can affect real-world, positive change with data and teach others how to make better use of it. I aim to build on my full stack data background specifically in analytics or data science because I find it allows me to lean on my analysis and communication skills while working cross-functionally to provide solutions. I get fulfillment from raising the collective knowledge and ability of those around me. My superpowers are that I am candid and vulnerable; an effective writer, speaker, listener, and empathizer; and I learn and adapt quickly.

Reena Turak

πŸ“ CA,Remote | Website | LinkedIn

Senior Data Engineer with 5+ years in data and 10+ years in Software Engineering teams. Experienced with ML, exploratory data analysis and real-time pipelines. Passionate about data-driven decision making.

Marco Sandoval

πŸ“ CA, Remote, West coast | Website | @CROOOME | LinkedIn

I am a Computer Science masters student researching Chaos Theory. I’ve worked at Intel and Boeing as a Software Engineer with a focus on data. Some projects include: scaling out a PoC, developing a drone fleet management system(full stack). Check my website for more info. Thank you and StaySafe

Julie Chen

πŸ“ New York City | Website | LinkedIn

I enjoy using data to understand user behavior and to help inform decisions that impact how customers engage with products or businesses. I have experience developing data driven insights and championing them into action at a B2B2C startup, where I analyzed user behavior to optimize the customer journey and suggest product improvements. This includes defining KPIs, developing dashboards and analyzing product performance to address business questions. I am looking for analytical opportunities in areas such as product analytics and customer analytics. Skills/tools: Numeracy (SQL), Jupyter Notebook (Python), Google Data Studio, Tableau, Looker, Confluence, Jira

Ismael Melendez

πŸ“ No location preference | Website | LinkedIn

I have over 3 years of experience in digital organizing and field experience in non-profit advocacy as a student organizer. As a student leader developed skills in community outreach, public speaking, and event organizing. Through my college career developed Python Django application with API functionality. After have developed more web application using Jamstack or MERN.

Kwasi Arhin

πŸ“ Remote, NY, LA, SF, DC | Website | @kwasi_arhin_ | LinkedIn

I am a Data Scientist/ML Engineer with a love of learning and applying new techniques & technologies. In my 4+ years of experience in the Data industry, I have deployed various different ML models. Currently, I have been working on a project to help black-owned food & beverage companies in the D.M.V. area. You can check it out at

Mahzad Khoshlessan

πŸ“ Remote | Website | @mkhoshle | LinkedIn

I am an ML Engineer/AI Engineer interested in applied machine learning and AI. I have +5 years of experience in Python programming, parallel computing and scaling programming models and +3 years of experience leading complex, data-driven research projects to completion. I love working on projects designed to solve real-world problems using AI technology. I have strong leadership skills and am passionate about creating successful data-driven models in production.


Kenny Nieh

πŸ“ San Francisco Bay Area or Remote | Website | LinkedIn

End-to-end design generalist, inclusive systems thinker, people person. From qualitative research to interaction & visual designβ€”I work through the whole gamut of product design to create experiences that fit into people’s lives.

Jessica 'Jai' Thurman

πŸ“ Remote, Atlanta, GA, New York, NY | Website | @iamJaiAmanda | LinkedIn

I am a UX Researcher that is passionate about creating human-centered empathetic digital products. I have two degrees in Psychology and Communications and I am a International Psychology MSc graduate student. I enjoy the process of research because it allows me to better understand the user, company, and how to implement the product design.

Nechari Riley

πŸ“ New York, Remote | Website | @necharism | LinkedIn

Results driven mixed-methods researcher looking to use proven quantitative and qualitative analysis skills to provide user experience research insights that inform human-centered products.

Joshua Quach

πŸ“ Remote, Southern California | Website | LinkedIn

Hi there! I'm a UX researcher and designer with an eclectic background in global public health, client services, and end-user training. I graduated from NYU in 2018 and have since had the opportunity to work in government, nonprofit, and remote startup roles.

Amanda Palomino

πŸ“ NYC or Remote | Website | LinkedIn

I am a UX designed based in NYC. I have a background in graphic design and a passion for solving problems backed up research and user testing. I transitioned from graphic design to UX design because I find designing experiences for users is so much more impactful than just visuals. I am looking for a full time UX design role.

Irena Martinez

πŸ“ Austin, TX | Website | LinkedIn

Hi! My name is Irena. I am currently a UX Designer at Samsung. With a professional background in User Experience, Computer Science, and Non-Profits, I bring a unique perspective to any situation. I am interested in working with a diverse, human-centric, innovative team with a focus on data and broader impact. As a fast learner and hard worker, I am up for any challenge.

Willy Abeel

πŸ“ New York or Remote | Website | @TheWillyboo | LinkedIn

Game Design, UX Design, or anything to do with User Behavior. I specialize in both pointing out where a user will get the most frustrated and providing solutions to alleviate those issues.

Mira Pari

πŸ“ Remote | Website | LinkedIn

I'm a UX Content Strategist who works in both the creative and devops world. I develop content strategies to encourage user engagement with digital products, and I collaborate with developers and designers on digital product functions, features, and consistency of messaging.


Alicia Barrett

πŸ“ Remote | Website | @OptimistAlicia | LinkedIn

In my current role I build new API endpoints (Ruby On Rails) for the implementation of new features. I fix bugs and refactor code in both backend (Ruby On Rails) and frontend (React) codebases. I collaborate with team on code reviews. I also help write and maintain documentation for the engineering team.

Liliana Guerrero

πŸ“ Remote/ Bay Area, CA | Website | LinkedIn

In my previous role as a mechanical engineer, I enjoyed using STEAM to make sense of complex concepts. This led me to complete a SWE bootcamp covering Python, React, and other technologies. As an entry-level software engineer, I'm looking for opportunities to work for forward-thinking companies.

AB Scherschel

πŸ“ Remote | Website | LinkedIn

I am seeking a stimulating and creative remote career. I am innovative and looking forward to being a member of a bright, fast-paced team, which leads the industry in a socially and ecologically aware manner. Main Interests: climate change, local food security, & education. Thank you for your time!

Kode Williams

πŸ“ Remote / No Location Preference | Website | @kodewill | LinkedIn

Kode Williams graduated with a BS. Systems and Computer Science from Howard University in 2020. He is industry proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Stencil, C++ and Node.js.

Sundi Myint

πŸ“ Washington, DC or Remote | @sundikhin | LinkedIn

Hello! I’m Sundi. I am a Full Stack Engineer, an emoji enthusiast, a big foodie nerd, and a cat mom. I have a strong affinity for working on backend specific technical design, but my origins start in solid frontend development and UX design. For the last year or so, I’ve been an Elixir and Phoenix engineer, and I’m a huge fan of working with it. It’s by far the coolest language I’ve come across so far. Before that, I was developing primarily in the JavaScript / React / NodeJS world.

Sophia Li

πŸ“ San Francisco or remote | Website | @sophia_wyl | LinkedIn

I’m a full stack developer, with a focus on frontend. I write code with JavaScript, HTML/CSS, React, and Node.js. I’m good at solving problems collaboratively, asking the right questions to understand the "why", and continuously seeking feedback on ways to improve.

Aditi Green

πŸ“ Remote | Website | @AditiDevelops | LinkedIn

I’m a full-stack software developer driven to produce quality products that delight customers, dedicated to supporting my community by running a 400+ member meetup for women of color in technology. I thrive on making a difference by bringing talented people together to learn and grow.

Sabahat Iqbal

πŸ“ DC or remote | Website

Leveraging my subject matter expertise in international development, I build compelling and engaging data visualizations using open government data. My preferred tech stack is: HTML, CSS, JS, d3.js, React. I also have a working knowledge of Python.

Joel Duran

πŸ“ NYC, Remote | Website | @joeldabr | LinkedIn

In 2018, I finished my Bachelor’s in Computer Science at SUNY Albany. I’ve been working at IBM in multiple roles since 2014 thanks in part to the P-TECH program IBM sponsors. Through that connection after college in 2019, I landed at IBM as a Technology Consultant. I’m mainly working with Python (Django, Data Analytics), JavaScript (ES6, React), & SQL (Postgres) nowadays. I’m looking to hone my technical skills deeply as I am striving to continue learning about Software Engineering (Frontend/Backend), Product Management, Data Science, Sports Analytics, etc.

Ashni Shah

πŸ“ Remote, DC, Boston, Austin, Chicago, New York, San Diego, Houston | Website | LinkedIn

I am a software engineer, passionate about working on meaningful projects and empowering people through technology. I recently graduated from Boston University, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration & Management. I am an effective communicator with an excellent ability to explain technical concepts to developers and stakeholders. My tech stack includes: Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, SQL, Angular, Node, Express, Flask, HTML, CSS, AWS.

Kevin Frazier

πŸ“ LA, SD, SF, WA, Remote | Website | LinkedIn

B.S. in Compter Science. A strong passion to grow into leading development teams and influencing a strong collaborative culture. Delivers impactful solutions for user-centric products and internal teams by applying extensive full stack knowledge. Stack experience includes: Javascript (React, Angular, React Native) , Python (Django, Flask), Java (Android), Node (Express), SQL (PostgreSQL) , noSQL (MongoDB, Redis) , Cloud Tools (AWS, GCP).

Mildred Rodriguez

πŸ“ New York City | Website | @millycodes | LinkedIn

Hola! I'm Milly, a software engineer with experience in Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React, Postgres and I really love CSS. I hold a bachelor's degree in Sociology and attended a bootcamp to pivot into a tech career. My strength is the frontend but I strive to be fullstack and I’m always interested in learning frameworks and languages. I have 2 years of professional experience and I am looking for a role with more responsibility and growth. I am interested in working with a company that is trying to solve real world problems with a clear purpose that cares for its employees. I am enthusiastic about solving problems and enjoy the challenge of creating clean, structured and reusable code. Outside of my full time work my passion is to increase diversity in technology. I volunteer with Code Nation to teach public high school students in NYC the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Additionally, I am a WAVE mentor at Built By Girls where I connect one on one with students to help the next generation get their start.

Jacky Alcine

πŸ“ Remote | Website | @jackyalcine | LinkedIn

I'm a software engineer with a penchant on user autonomy over the tools and services they use. I enjoy working directly on things that provide value and change to the day to day lives of people and users.

Caitlin Floyd

πŸ“ DC, Remote | Website | @caitlinfloyd | LinkedIn

I am a full-stack software engineer; motivated by the power of technology as a tool for positive change; and with a background in linguistics, education, and nonprofit management. My tech stack includes Javascript, CSS, HTML, React, Redux, Node, Express, Postgres, and Sequelize.

Melissa Manousos

πŸ“ Los Angeles or Remote | Website | LinkedIn

Hi! I’m Melissa, a Full Stack engineer most comfortable with JavaScript (Node and React), Ruby (Rails), and relational databases, but I’m always excited to explore additional languages and frameworks. I have recently started digging into Python and Linux. I recently wrapped up work on an open-source framework for quickly deploying event-stream processing pipelines called Venice, which I built with a small international distributed team. The project utilized Apache Kafka and several of its ecosystem of components in a containerized Docker environment. We created a custom CLI in Node.js and wrote robust documentation to streamline the developer experience. (

Devree Lewis

πŸ“ DC, NY, CO, TX, Remote | Website | @devcello | LinkedIn

Full-stack web developer with experience in JavaScript frameworks and mobile-first apps. Experience with project management, marketing, and self-learning, skills that translate well to working in the tech industry. After ten years of connecting musicians with audiences around the world, I am excited to connect users and clients through building new projects in tech.

Saia Fonua

πŸ“ Remote | Website | @saiafonua | LinkedIn

A large chunck of the past 15-years has been working directly with people to resolve problems in a variety of industries. The past 5 years, it's been in the tech industry. I began as an IT specialist and then through education and continuous learning I became a software engineer. I love learning whether it's from my peers, online resources, and most importantly just building things myself. I am able learn and be proficient in a technology quickly. For example, in my current position, most of the apps are built using React with NextJS. I got familiar with NextJS by building a blog project with Next specific apis. With the projects I oversee now, I often turn to their docs and dive into source code to find and eliminate bugs. Sometimes I'll turn and collaborate with others. After about 3 months in my current role, I felt comfortable implementing features and knocking out bugs within our 2 week sprint cycles. As a result, product owners, managers, and stakeholders began to trust me that I could help them accomplish their goals and vision with our products.

Carlos Diaz

πŸ“ Los Angeles, Remote. | Website | LinkedIn

I earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science at Drexel University and began my professional career as a higher education administrator. While I have always been curious about technology, the moment that inspired me to dive into tech was when, in a prior role, I received 70 paper forms that needed to have data extracted and organized. This led me to learn how to use basic premade web forms, which led me to wonder what powered those forms. I currently work as an academic advisor for a undergraduate Biomedical Engineering program. Since learning the basics of programming and web development I’ve found small ways to save me, and my colleagues, just a bit of time every day.

Vannida Lim

πŸ“ No location preference | Website | LinkedIn

Hello! I'm a software engineer with experience in JavaScript, Node, Express, React, Redux, Ruby, Rails, Postgres and MongoDB. My love of learning about the mind led me to a B.S. in neuroscience from Temple University. My passion for leveraging technology to build solutions led me to studying software engineering at the Flatiron School where I learned full stack development. To me, programming is all about human connection and crafting great user experiences. I'm interested in roles that allow me to wear different hats because I value diverse perspectives and challenges.

George Offley

πŸ“ No location preference | Website | @georgeoffley | LinkedIn

Software Engineer who has been coding for five years. I am strong in back-end technologies, networking, and some front-end work. I have created both server related scripts and programs and client facing software. I have experience creating, maintaining, and using different technologies to interact with databases in MySQL, and Oracle. I have helped medium sized companies digitize maintenance forms and quality processes. I have knowledge in C#, VB.Net, PHP, Python, JavaScript, and some HTML/CSS.

India Rodriguez

πŸ“ Remote, Denver, Open to relocating for the right opportunity | Website | @indiarodrig18 | LinkedIn

I'm an invoicing analyst turned software engineer. My love for problem solving and creativity brought me into the world of software engineering. I'm comfortable working in teams or in a self directed environment. I have experience contributing to design, development and optimization of web applications. I'm skilled in Javascript, React, Node.js, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Git/Github and I drive to learn new programming languages and development tools.

Tobias Scott

πŸ“ Remote | Website | @DeveloperTobias | LinkedIn

I am a web developer who is looking for entry-level positions. I enjoy creating programs that make life simpler for the user. Languages I know are Python (Django/Flask), Typescript (Angular+2/React), NodeJs, Express, Ruby on Rails, and Flutter (Dart). My goal is to create mobile apps and start my own consulting agency.

Sofia Levin

πŸ“ Bay Area or Remote | Website | @sofiaflevin | LinkedIn

Hi! I'm Sofia, I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer living in Oakland, CA. I used to work in tech support, until I decided to start learning Javascript and React. That background, in addition to helping me develop extensive troubleshooting, problem-solving and communication skills has also made me extremely empathetic towards the user experience of everything that I build. I love building products that not only work but that are engaging and fun to use.

Daniela Avila Jaramillo

πŸ“ Atlanta, NY, Remote | Website | LinkedIn

I'm a Front End Developer, alumni from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I have a B.S. in Computational Media (CS + Design + Digital Media). I've always been drawn to the overlap between design, art, creativity, and computation. My passion is to design and build user experiences. This passion has led me to work as a software engineering intern at two awesome companies, Twitter and SurveyMonkey. Interning at these companies provided me the opportunity to put my coding knowledge to work developing and testing products for the marketplace. I demonstrated my ability to collaborate in teams, hit deadlines, maintain strong attention to detail, and produce quality code and results.

Juan J. Mendoza

πŸ“ CA, NY, WA, CO | Website | @TheJuanJMendoza | LinkedIn

I’m a recent graduate from the University at Buffalo, with a B.Sc in Computer Science. During my time at the UB, I participated at my University's Nano Satellite Laboratory, a group of students that work on satellite contracts obtained from the Air Force Research Lab, NASA, and Moog. While at the laboratory, I had the opportunity to work on the GLADOS satellite, where I improved the magnetometer and worked on the gyroscope. Currently, I’m attending Full Stack Academy to help me bridge the gap between theory and practicality, and prepare me to hit the ground running when I finally land a position as a Software Engineer.

Tyler Davis Mitchell

πŸ“ No location preference | Website | @gucciburg | LinkedIn

Full Stack Developer with expertise in React.js πŸš€

Jocelyn Harper

πŸ“ Remote | Website | @soandsos | LinkedIn

Jocelyn has had a large passion for technology since the age of 9 where she taught herself HTML and CSS to build websites and design layouts in Paint Shop Pro. Many years and Java coding boot camp later, now a senior software engineer looking for next role and is also the host of Git Cute Podcast.

Toni Horne

πŸ“ DC MD VA, and remote options | Website | @thegiftedgirl1 | LinkedIn

Hi! I'm Toni a software engineer living at the fusion of fine art and technology. I code as though I am writing poetry, each line meticulously curated to produce a beautiful end product. I take pride in having the ability to eloquently blend functionality with flair. If you seek a candidate who has an abundance of ideas and true grit then let's chat!

Kris Casey

πŸ“ Bay Area/Peninsula | Website | @GazKris19 | LinkedIn

I have a Chemical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech. I moved to the Bay about 3 years ago to get into biotech. I've since decided on a new path. I've always loved problem-solving, and any of the more technical parts of my job. After speaking with friends who are already in tech, I decided to go to Hackbright Academy to pursue my new career as a Software Engineer! I graduated from Hackbright in April and I can't wait to complete the transition with a new job!

Aaron Sato

πŸ“ Seattle, Wa or Remote | Website | @aarongsato | LinkedIn

A passionate Web Developer with a strong leadership background and is comfortable working in fast paced environments. I am committed to assisting in driving innovation, conversation and results through problem solving, collaboration and providing great work.

Phillip Sykes

πŸ“ Atlanta, GA or remote | Website | @phllprmratl | LinkedIn

I’m a frontend developer with experience in html, css, JavaScript, and ReactJS. I have a desire to learn new skills and keep improving.

Coco Coleman

πŸ“ Philadelphia, Remote | Website | @coco_codes | LinkedIn

Philadelphia-based software engineer (and avid karaoke enthusiast) with a background in communication and design. Very excited to be looking for my first dev role! Striving to combine my technical and creative skills to develop tools that enrich communities.

Dana Ottaviani

πŸ“ Remote | Website | LinkedIn

I’m a front-end developer who enjoys the challenges of learning and applying new technologies to develop software solutions.

Linda Thompson

πŸ“ Colorado, Remote | Website | @lindakatcodes | LinkedIn

I'm a self taught developer who loves working with design & JavaScript. I have a customer service & office support background, skilled in communication & issue resolution.

Yuki(Xue) Yao

πŸ“ Remote, NYC, Portland Maine, Boston | Website | LinkedIn

Full Stack Developer with a strong background in E-commerce and SaaS and a degree in Engineering. Through years of experience at tech startups and Fortune 500, I utilized vast knowledge to analyze, communicate, improve, and resolve product and operation issues.

Jenna Elamin-Mueller

πŸ“ Remote | Website | @gifcompatible | LinkedIn

I'm passionate about getting tech into the hands of communities that aren't always taken into consideration when design decisions are made. I'm a big proponent of pair programming and giving kind, actionable feedback. I'm ready to join a diverse, inclusive team who shares my desire to create applications with intuitive, accessible user experiences.

Christina Smithers

πŸ“ San Antonio or remote | Website | LinkedIn

Curiosity drives innovation and a well-rounded developer should be powered similarly. Coming from an interdisciplinary background, I welcome new opportunities to further my strengths and improve. the drive to learn and improve are important in a globalizd world and I'd be thrilled to have a part of having an impact on this world. I've got a strong front-end background, but I also continue to challenge my skills. Currently, I'm learning python's data stack - the course I'm taking includes SQL and NoSQL. I look forward to working with a new team and solving new software solutions.

Gabriela Radu

πŸ“ Remote only | Website | @nohinder | LinkedIn

Hello, I am a software developer that worked with Java mostly (backend and native android) for the last 10 years. Last year I started learning (by doing) React.js and JavaScript and created my wedding app management tool. I am passionate about creating useful products, interested in helping as much as I can in the entire flow of creating a product and being a part of team of decent humans trying to be better.

Meredith Strickland

πŸ“ NYC area, Remote | Website | LinkedIn

I am a full-stack software developer building web applications with JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails, and Node. I have a background in architecture, an eye for design, and a passion for using technology as a tool in the fight for social justice. I enthusiastically tackle any problem in front of me, and bring strong skills in communication, collaboration, and organization.

Annie Liao

πŸ“ NYC | Website | @annieliao | LinkedIn

Full-stack developer (React with Rails) with 9+ years of experience in Product Management and Visual Design, including 5 fruitful years at Yahoo.

Natalie Hall

πŸ“ Remote or Charlottesville, Staunton or Harrisonburg, VA | Website | LinkedIn

I’m a passionate developer who loves learning and expanding my skill set. I put my all into my work and am determined to give the best possible product to clients. I love helping people and want to make the world a better place.

Yuki(Xue) Yao

πŸ“ Remote, NYC, Portland Maine, Boston | Website | LinkedIn

Full Stack Developer with a strong background in E-commerce and SaaS and a degree in Engineering. Through years of experience at tech startups and Fortune 500, I utilized vast knowledge to analyze, communicate, improve, and resolve product and operation issues.

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This is a terrific idea and a great resource Veni. Hiring without attention to race/gender/etc. can only really be possible if your hiring funnel actually contains enough diversity itself - if you have 10 people from a single demographic and 1 from another, even if just picking at random it's more likely that one of the ten will be picked. This is an absolutely vital tool that will hopefully even out that balance.

One recommendation I have for the site is for the "Hire" section to blur out faces and names, and possibly other information, until you click into the full profile. Even though I like to think that I can overcome bias to some degree, there's no denying the fact that every time I see a profile photo I make some kind of unconscious judgment call which sticks with me as I read the rest of the summary. I think this is a common issue, and I think that anonymising non-technical information until you get to the full profile could be a good way of hopefully combatting this. Just a thought!

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perpetual . education

Great post! The way that our cities were created and divided and divided really sets the stage. In Echo Park, (LA) There are probably 1% black people - and then in Compton - (only about 15 minutes away) it's probably 90% black people. It's hard to build real human networks even in one of the biggest ans supposedly diverse cities! We hope we can get more crossover ASAP! Lots of real physical changes need to happen.

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"You should hire based on qualifications, not on race or gender." You say that this is false. Therefore, "You should not hire based on qualifications, but on race or gender", or "You should hire based on race or gender, not on qualifications", according to you? And if I disagree with this, you state that this is because of my "bias." Isn't that a logical leap? Could there not be a rational reason for believing that people should be hired for jobs based on how well they are suited to perform the requirements of the job? It seems, not to my feelings, but to my rational mind, that if I were to be hiring people, I would want to hire whoever is best at performing the tasks involved in doing the job that I am hiring for. To disagree with that very basic statement is irrational. And, dare I say, biased, in favor of people who are not white. Racism is bad. Reverse-racism is racism too. The answer to under-representation of minorities in tech is not racist policies or job handouts, but increasing the ability to gain the skills needed for the jobs that they want.

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Veni Kunche

Hi Seth, I think you misunderstood my point. I'm saying yes you should hire based on qualifications and underrepresented people in tech are qualified. So, here you go here are some of those folks who are qualified.

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Michael Tharrington

This is such an awesome idea for a post! Looks like there are lots of talented of folks here just waiting to be hired.

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Dennis O'Keeffe

Wowser, impressive list you have collated! Mad props to you for going to such an effort.

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