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István Lantos
István Lantos

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Give me a quick 101 in the Graphcool ecosystem (like Prisma)

I found this forum post which explaining the differences between Prisma and Graphcool framework.

But I still don't know which is the more feature packed from these and which has the most love in active development?

I want to self-hosting everything, including the GraphQL BAAS server which connecting to my self hosted database (Dockerised approach) and I want to query the data in a React based single page application. Authentication is also important (with given user roles) and I don't want any third-party auth provider.

If I want to use GraphQL based BAAS, looks like I don't have any other alternative to choose right now, only Graphcool (which is not a problem at all, I just can't figure out which is the ultimate environment from these).

Or self-hosted authentication is not possible, the only alternative is Apache Usergrid?

If I want a hosted BAAS, I would go with Firebase, because of the simple setup with React and also handling auth.

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