Rewarding Github contributions

dnnrly profile image Pascal Dennerly ・1 min read

So I'll probably be cross posting on Twitter or something but here goes...

How do you reward people that take the time to contribute?

I recently had someone fix a bug in httpref. No prompting, just a PR out of the blue that nailed the problem. I was shocked, and surprised, and so so glad that someone had taken the time.

Apart from a cursory 'thanks' when I hit merge and an impromptu shout out on Twitter I couldn't really do anything.

Is this something that anyone has been able to do? Just show someone how much you appreciate what they've done?



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I think the level of the "thanks" can vary greatly. Maybe point out something about the code, showing that you actually noticed their work.


Maybe add a 'hall of fame' on your Readme use it to recognize the most important prs/users. I personally just thought that out of nowhere, but now I am adding that to my readme 😊