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I announced some time ago on twitter that I will be building Sailscasts - a platform targeted at helping server-side JavaScript developers build out their ideas in the Sails.js Node.js framework. Read more about Sailscasts.

Prior to the launch of the Sailscasts platform, I created a Discord server where developers new to Sails.js can get help on their questions about Sails.js. Also available are channels for Node.js, Vue.js, amongst other fun channels.

When we are together we learn and grow faster. Join the Sailscasts community, I will be stoked to bid you welcome in there.

Join the Sailscasts community

P.S: Interested in learning Sails.js from the Sailscasts platform? Join the wait-list and you will be the first to know when it launches.

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I'm a software engineera and technical writer. I am currently working on Sailscasts - a platform to learn server-side JavaScript by creating real-world screencasts


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