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Hey Everyone,
Im Don, Amazing to connect with everyone here who share a passion to build and design apps,machines and tools to help people to connect and grow.
I'm a Mechanical Engineer by day,software engineer by night.My passion is towards Robotics,IoT Automation,AI,Machine Learning and love to code.I have been using GitHUB for a while but new around here at DEV community and love this platform to connect and grow together. I have been mostly with the Javascript environments using MERN and MEAN stack,with lately learning and exploring the Python language with frameworks for application API development such as Pyrevit for Autodesk Revit and also machine learning frameworks for computer vision and NLP such as Scikit-Learn,Pytorch,etc.

My fav Editor: VS Code❤️.

Im open to any suggestions and tips that can help me grow around here.

Happy to.

Thankyou & Hi Again Everyone👋!!!

welcome #newbie #learn&share #vscode #javascript #python #discuss #challenge

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Mechanical Engineer | Software Engineer | NodeJS| React | Full-Stack | Pytorch | TensorFlow |by Python | Automation Enthusiast | Hustler |Traveller | Helperbydef()


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Hello Don, have a good time here!