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Cover image for The .NET Core Podcast Episode 29 - Developer Relations and Education with Jasmine Greenway and Cecil Phillip

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The .NET Core Podcast Episode 29 - Developer Relations and Education with Jasmine Greenway and Cecil Phillip

Hey everyone!

Episode 29 of The .NET Core Podcast was released a few days ago. But, as usual, I wanted to create some show notes for it which are specific to

As a quick reminder, The .NET Core Podcast is the only podcast devoted to:

  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core
  • EF Core
  • SignalR

and not forgetting The .NET Core community, itself.

You don't even have to browse away from this page to listen to the episode, because it should appear here:

play pause The .NET Core Podcast

This episode is an wonderful discussion that I had with Jasmine Greenway and Cecil Phillip about teaching and learning in the tech space, developer relations, and what Microsoft are doing to help us developers (and aspiring developers) to learn in ways which suit them.

The full show notes and a transcription are available at the show's website

here's a link directly to the show notes

I'd love any and all feedback that you can provide on the show, this episode, or anything related to it.

Links to Related Stuff

these came directly from the show notes

Social and Stuff

If the show has been helpful in anyway, please consider giving it a rating or review in your podcatcher of choice. Services like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Podchaser allow you to leave a rating or review. These help other potential listeners to find the show.

And finally, if you wish to support the show in a more direct fashion, I have created both a Patreon page (which has bonuses, but requires a monthly commitment) and a Buy me a coffee page

but I wont harp on about that

Call for Guests

We're always on the lookout for anyone who might be interested on being on the show. It's about and for the community, so if you have something cool to show off, or something you'd like to talk about, then get in touch.

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