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DotVVM for Visual Studio 2022 is now available

DotVVM is an ASP.NET framework that allows us to create web applications using the MVVM (Model, View, ViewModel) pattern with C# and HTML.

As of this time, DotVVM is now available for Visual Studio 2022 through an extension.

Steps to follow

To install this extension we can perform the following steps:

1.- Load Visual Studio, go to the Extensions section and select Manage Extensions.

2.- Search for DotVVM.

3.- Download the extension and follow the instructions.

4.- Restart Visual Studio and create a new project.

5.- Search for DotVVM and select DotVVM Web Application.

With these steps, DotVVM is ready to be used from our Visual Studio 2022. The process is the same for Visual Studio 2019.

Additional Resources

If you want to know everything we can do with DotVVM, here are some case study articles that may be useful to you:

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