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Douglas "Amarelo" Lopes
Douglas "Amarelo" Lopes

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Just a little piece of advice for anyone starting out as a front-end developer.

The advice for those starting out as a front-end developer is: Don't rush.

I know. Trying to learn something and watching the technology change every day, faster than you can learn "the basics", can be desperate and almost suffocating. But keep calm, that's how it is.

Keep studying, training, hearing about what you're trying to learn, doing some things to practice, trying harder and, when you don't even expect, you can master what you couldn't before.

Over time, all the things you were trying to learn start to make sense and fit together. Everything starts to be easier to assimilate and understand and you start to see everything from another perspective. An easy one, a better one.

You change, evolve, improve yourself and learn to see and solve problems in new ways. You start to ask other questions, think of new approaches to solve a problem, and even the doubts, witch never stop to exist, will evolve and change with you.

Learn to identify and even value these moments of difficulty and lack of knowledge.

I know, it seems crazy to say that now, but those moments will be the identifiers of evolution in your history. You will look back and remember what used to be difficult to resolve and be sure that you have evolved.

I wish you all a lot of success!


This text was originally written in Portuguese and translated into English with the intention of improving my writing in English. If you have read any errors and / or have any suggestions, please write in the comments. Certainly I will be grateful.

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