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Resources for functional programming

This is a scattered collection of resources I found useful when learning about functional programing. All resources are digital and free.

I figured that rather than trying to make my own series about purely functional programming, it would be better to recycle excellent material by others that already exists.

Beginner language

Haskell is without a doubt one of the most relevant languages in purely functional programming. Unfortunately, it's ecosystem is rather hard to go through if it is your first language, and it has some features that are nice, but can be daunting to begin with.

  • Elm a simple language for frontend development. If you're going to use the resources on this page with Elm, note that Elm uses map with functors and andThen with monads.

Functional programming patterns

Category theory

Category theory is the study of composition. Programming is composing basic functions into complex systems. Category theory helps us understand how to do so correctly. This is very much optional when learning functional programming.

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Jakob Christensen

Another great resource by Scott Wlaschin is his site F# for fun and profit.

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Ben Lovy

Available as an offline ebook!