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Android Developer Roadmap Hacktoberfest!

drcabral profile image Diogo Cabral ・1 min read

Hey everyone!

Hacktoberfest is almost here and our Android developers community can't be out of this!

For this reason, and to improve our Android Developer Roadmap even more, we decided to create and invite you all to contribute in it with us in our new Study Content file, that can be filled with contents related to roadmap path, to help developers to have more tools to study important topics and to grow even more in our loved platform.

We already have issues about it and you can check it here:

We expect your pull requests there!

Thanks and happy hacktoberfest!

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dabjazz profile image

Thank you for the resources. I am a student who had some experience with flutter and now I am starting native android development with java. I would try to contribute as much as I can to this project.

drcabral profile image
Diogo Cabral Author

Nice! Good luck with your studies and thanks for contributing! Feel free to reach us if you need something!