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Okere Chibuike
Okere Chibuike

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Beginners guide to building projects: My Story!


Before i start i would love to wish you guys Merry Christmas!πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰


If I were to ask every developer(beginner devs especially) What building projects means to each and everyone of them the probability that I would get the same answer from all of them would be very close to 1(for those of us that skipped math classπŸ˜‰ probability of an event happening ranges from 0-1, 1 being that the event is absolutely going to happen).

Please Permit me to share with you my little story. I believe it would help a lot of beginner developers avoid making the same mistake I made. Want to hear it?? OK cool allons-yπŸ•Ί

When I started learning to code and joined techtwitter, i kept hearing one particular thing from our wonderful tech influencers which was "building projects is the best way to learn!" and plus you could add those projects you built to your portfolio which you would probably show to your potential employers/recruiters.

That was the "Aha moment" for me. It occurred to me that I had found the "Holy Grail". Obviously so I thought

Please don't get me wrong I believe that building projects is the best way to learn but I feel there is a missing piece which is not usually addressed. Please just continue my story with me.πŸ™

So guess what i did next I downloaded several Javascript project videos and started "building projects".🀑🀑 Two weeks in I had 4 projects already.😍😍 I felt very excited super pumped up too.

One week later i decided to do something i had never done before. Explain my project/code to myself. I found out that I didn't understand any of the code. Why i used const instead of let or Map() instead of Filter() Nothing!!

Sounds funny/crazy right? Do you know what i was doing wrong? If yes tell me on twitter @d_realmaster. In my next article I would be writing extensively to you what i did wrong and how i approach building projects now. It might not be 100% foul proof but it has really helped me and i believe it might help you especially if you are just starting out.

Once again i would love to wish you a happy Christmas and i hope you enjoy the rest of the year. ❀&πŸ’‘

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Favourite Jome

Merry Christmas to you too

I guess you were just following the tutorials but not actually making sure you grasp the concepts and taking a break to understand what your following.

P.S I'm also guilty 😬

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Okere Chibuike

Exactly we are/were all guilty.
I am definitely adding this your comment to the next post.

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Favourite Jome


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