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HTML Game Dev Tutorials on YouTube

Hey friends,

I've been making browser RPGs for a few years and have acquired a bunch of random bits of knowledge related to making games using frontend web languages.

I've recently started releasing game dev tutorials on my YouTube channel to share what I know and help people get started with making games in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Just wanted to share these here in case anybody is interested in getting into game dev. Here are some of my latest videos:

How to build a Tile Set Map Editor using HTML Canvas

Demo on CodePen

Top Down Game Camera and Movement with HTML, CSS, and JS

Demo on CodePen

I'm super new to the whole YouTube thing (trying to improve a tiny bit with every upload) and still trying to hone in the scope of each video. Also need to get some decorations on my wall...

I'm hoping to release one video every week. (inserts Shameless plug: Subscribe if you like this kind of thing! :D )

Hope you enjoy!

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Rocky Kev

This is amazing - I love it!
I'm currently taking some JS Phaser courses via Zenva. Originally, I was hardcoding tiles. I like the Tile Map editor, but there's still a lot of hardcoding manually and hoping for the best.

This was recommended in the course.
You use a tilemap, build it into the tool and it exports it into JSON. Then you loop through the object. It's pretty neat!

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Vikrant Bhat

Great work! Subbed to you, hope to see more great content ๐Ÿ˜