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droidmakk profile image Kabeer ( Afroze ) Khan ・1 min read

SHORT, my new portfolio - https://droidmakk.dev

It's been a long time in my mind that I've got to have a website as my portfolio.
But I was confused between which framework to use as I was already developing applications using React and React Native, Playing around with svelte and VUE.
After a lot of confusion, I decided to let's go retro and develop it in HTML, CSS, and Javascript with a bit of Jquery.

After putting my heads down and developing the website within half a day... I had put it aside for more than 2/3 months.

Now I myself got a chance to make some minor fixes and push it to live.



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Interesting layout! I live it.
It's different and more of a story flow.


Thanks a lot... ❣, But still there's some little space for improvement!