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Make your `` easy !

Using Better Comments and a VSCcode snippet we can achieve this :


VSCode Snippet:

    "Console.log()": {
        "prefix": "clg",
        "body": [
          "console.log('$0') // !DEBUG"
        "description": "Console method log()"

What we have now is a [clg + enter] autocomplete with a red colorized debug comment that highlights your debugings :)

  • easy to use and configure
  • no more time consuming looking for lost console.log in your code
  • code readability improvement

Be proud !

Discussion (2)

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Ryan Feigenbaum

So simple, yet such a great idea!

drozerah profile image
Drozerah Author

Indeed ! I Am also a musician, believe it, when the idea comes to my brain it took me like a groovy funky party ! Can you feel it ? ;)