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Project 2 Complete: Weather App!

It's been a while! I've needed to take a break from coding to deal with real life, but coming back has felt very refreshing.

My latest project shifted away from what I've wanted to do as a game designer/programmer, but a weather app that I could have at the touch of a button is still very convenient! Especially when I have it custom-built for myself.

I decided to give myself a challenge and build a weather app with a database to log in from. When you log in/sign up, you have the option to save the searched locations to your username. Then, when you log in, the list of locations will be displayed as buttons to click, and quickly see what the weather is!

React has been a challenge to learn, but now that I know it in and out, I feel almighty! POWERFUL! It's such a unique style of coding that prides itself on organization, and organized code is something I appreciate the most!

Next up, Ruby!

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