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Why did you choose

There are many blogging and micro blogging platform.Out of them what made you choose dev over the others?

For me its because of the friendly community
Bright developers
Cutting edge articles
and positiive enthusiasm

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Abdullah Imran

There are very few websites which have multiple interesting post in the same feed and only few of them have structured content but has all of it. For me it is the most structured dev community I have ever seen. That's what I like about this community.

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Vincent A. Cicirello

I've only posted a few times. I mostly browse the posts of others while drinking a morning cup of tea or at other random times. It is nice to interact with post authors and other commenters in the comments. Dev's community building focus makes this a mostly positive experience.

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Max F. Findel

I came here for the community and stayed for the memes ☺

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Ben Sinclair

Because Forrst sold out and died.

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Haven't found any other better