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what tech stacks do you use?

What tech stacks(MERN, MEVN etc) do you guys use in your personal projects or work? and why do you use that?
Do you like your tech stack? or do you want to switch?
Let me know in the comments below!

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Souk Syp.

As a frontend dev, I really like what Supabase is doing for the backend.

  • use PostgRest for REST tied to a postgres db
  • admin dashboard
  • realtime database
  • auth, user roles management
  • open source

Along with Next JS. πŸ‘βœ¨noiiice

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Akshay Kannan

Backend - Node, Express, Mongodb, Graphql for APIs
Frontend - React, Nextjs, Tailwind, Next UI - Component library

jln profile image

Never heard of Next UI. Does it easily work together with Tailwind?

akshay9677 profile image
Akshay Kannan

I use next ui because of their design and their dark mode support. I guess you won't need tailwind for applying css for next ui components, I use tailwind for layout related styles.

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XTEALER • Edited

No man don't mix the two. Tailwind CSS styles broke my NextUI theme. Not recommended.

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Jake Nelson • Edited

Backend services - Golang + Logrus.

Front-end eng - mostly Flutter (on Dart) these days. The write it once and build in many systems approach seems good for smaller teams or personal projects.

I'm a big fan of the firebase ecosystem with their NoSQL database Firestore. On price, it can't really be beat.

If I'm not working in firebase, then probably Postgres on CloudSQL.

I love Google Cloud Platform. That's what I work day to day.

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Christian Engel

At work, we use nextJS for the render layer. Our data comes from services we write in Go.

Sports data is a active service running on AWS EC2 and uses Postgres. Finance data runs passively in AWS lambda functions.

The frontend renderers are AWS Fargate instances.

Code and build pipeline on Github.


My personal stack varies (mostly in order to learn from it).

I made good experience with elderJS as frontend layer. I am recently working with Strapi as a basic CRUD api with some satellite services around it for storage, conversion and video streaming.

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ImTheDeveloper • Edited

Node.js / js as a language

Sails.js as MVC web app

Vue for client apps or jQuery replacement

Ngrok for local tunneling (paid the yearly plan as I get do much usage)

Moleculerjs for microservice framework

Traefik for reverse proxy/lb

Cloudflare for waf/cdn/domain level stuff

Redis/keydb for cache

Postgres as it can cover olap oltp as well as jsonb is great for documents.

Docker / docker-compose - I really like this in Dev especially it keeps my machine clean.

Node-red as a general app for quick prototyping integrations.

Hosting via hetzner or ssdnodes

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Intesar Mohammed

Java, Spring, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Kafka/Messaging, Kubernetes, Docker, Angular, GitHub Actions, GCP.

I don't want to use Angular for the next one. It's a maintaince and performance headache.

I like GCP over AWS and Azure for the tech. But GCP sucks in support and help.
I'm a big fan of AWS. They have stable tech, easy to reach support, billing flexibility, etc.
Azure is different and I guess they're perfect for a mature enterprise.

siddharthshyniben profile image

On the backend, I use multiple languages but primarily Node.js, and I have a ton of libraries on npm too. I use either Mongo or Redis depending on the use case. Deploys on Railway.

On the frontend I use Angular. I know it's kinda unpopular but I like the power which comes with. I also use just plain HTML a lot because I don't really make many complex apps (I prefer experiments). I either make an ultra huge app or a small one, no in between 🀣

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Nice, I also have C# and .NET in my gamedev stack alongside Unity, Unreal, Godot, C++, HLSL(shader language) and firebase.

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James Vanderpump

Hetzner VPS (8 core/32GB ram)
Ubuntu 20.04
PostgreSQL 14
Redis (cache)
Amazon SES (emails)
Next.js (custom server setup)

  • Typescript
  • Rest API + Postgraphile +
  • MobX (state management)
  • Bootstrap 4 CSS
  • Log4js
  • knex.js + Prisma 2
  • Telegram alert monitoring
  • netdata server/service monitoring

Pretty happy with this stack, coming from Drupal -> WordPress -> Node.js + Vue -> Node.js Next.js/React.
The only thing I would change is a distributed database like CockroachDB or YugabyteDB. But my field tests have shown they are too slow and require significant changes to the database table design.

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Web front-end :
Vue - Nuxt - Vuetify

Web back-end:

Systems programming:
Nim-lang (

hacker4world profile image

I use nestjs, mongodb and react mainly but i also like to combine firebase and react as well

dumboprogrammer profile image

Nice, what do you mainly use as the database?

hacker4world profile image

Mongodb and firestore

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Andrew Baisden

Front-End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native, Redux
Back-End: Python, NodeJS, SQL, NoSQL, Docker

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Conner Ow

React + Next.js + SCSS is my main web dev stack.

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John Snow

React for frontend
Rust / ActixWeb for backend
Postrgre/MongoDB/web3 (depending on the project) for database
GitHub CI/CD and version control
GCP and DigitalOcean for deployment