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Ways/Ideas to monetize a mobile game!

So You made a unique and enjoyable mobile experience but you want to earn some money from it and you are looking for ways then this is for you! or you want to learn about game monetization or app monetization this blog is recommended.
so lets divide the ways in 3 parts:
-*Enjoyable monetization
-*Competitive monetization
-*Profitable monetization
and the final part being the tools tpo integrate advertisement services.
btw I meant anything(in game playable) by stuff,
like levels,skins,characters,items,in game currency etc

Section 1:

   **Enjoyable monetization:**
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Lets face it if you ever played an android game a sudden advertisement was annoying as hell but if you were asked about if you want to watch an ad ,It wasn't that bad right?
yep,you can monetize your games with an enjoyable ad system but that won't be that profitable compared to section 3.Though if you use Among us like ad system it will be profitable and maintain a good user experience as well

Section 2:

   **Competitive monetization:**
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You get this smexy skin and this banger gun for a 5 second ad! is not a way be hated right?
If a game is awarding you stuff for advertisement and it's fine if you don't watch it you can unlock it by playing more later but you can rn with an ad.It's pretty enjoyable.
End users would love this bc who doesn't want more items?
You can make it pretty more likely to watch the ad by not allowing the item to be unlocked later without watching ad and make it disappear after more time.

Section 3:

   **Profitable monetization:** 
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This might be more profitable but dont ever try it.
This method annoys the end user, they are more likely to not play your game again.
For playing every scene they need to watch an ad or everytime they enter the game they have to watch an ad


You can use bytebrew for extra monitoring.
For unity You can use:
Unity Ads SDK
for unreal:
Unreal Engine Docs
for Godot:
Godot Forum
for construct:
Construct Docs

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Alina Dunec

HI! There are many different options for game monetization. So you need to choose one or more ways of monetization that are most suitable for a mobile game.
Paid mobile game. For this type of monetization, you have to be sure that buying the game is worth it.
Even a paid game can be additionally monetized. Paid and free versions of mobile games can include in-game purchases. By playing the game, the user receives bonuses or acquires and replenishes assets for watching ads.
For free games, the only way to monetize games is through advertising. In this case, profits come directly from advertising; this method allows players to enjoy the game for free.
Also, players can get extra bonuses for advertising.
But also the following ways of monetization of mobile games can be the optimal solution.
Freemium games. This type of monetization allows you to use the game for free up to a certain level. To continue, you need to buy the full version.
Subscription-based games. Subscriptions offer players certain benefits for a fixed price for a certain period of time.`

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