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2020 reasons to be grateful

I love my job

I like the place I work at, the people I work with and the projects I work on.

Going back to work after a vacation or every Monday is never a struggle to face with doomed despair

despair at work

of course, having time for myself and my family, to travel and do everything I like is awesome, but I also like to build things and solving problems with code.

So yes, I am really grateful that 16 years ago - almost by chance, after a sabbatical year - I started this career.

And I am grateful that I have to face with the first world problem of being annoyed by recruiters - and not have to worry that my skill and my profession is outdated or not hype anymore.

I love my family

I am grateful for the family I built in these 18 years with my partner - we changed 7 flats and 4 countries together and we have 2 amazing boys.

And I am so grateful that the time of sleepless nights and diapers is over while looking with some thrills at their upcoming prepuberty...

I love change

I am grateful for all the chances I got in the past years, for the courage that I found when making big decisions ( quitting a safe job, traveling on the other side of the world, starting a new career, relocate to another country), and for all the interesting and inspiring people that I met and I have the opportunity to meet thanks to my job and my passions (traveling, climbing, and slacklining)

Be great but be grateful

And ... thatΒ΄s it... did you really think I was going to write 2020 reasons? I wanted to at least write 20 but they are too many - not that IΒ΄d have problems finding them, it would be just too personal, and too boring for you.
I just like the slightly clickbaity title.
Ha ha!

What are you 2 or 20 reasons to start this new year with some gratitude?

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash (edited with quote by me)

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