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Davide de Paolis
Davide de Paolis

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What's your push?

As I wrote here I normally stay away from screens during my vacations and I generally do a lot of physical activity and I read a lot, books, on paper!! :-)

Since I set my goal of writing a post every week I am making an exception and I am writing, struggling, with my smartphone. So I'll keep it short.

Tommy Caldwell book: the push

What I am reading right now, is The Push from the famous climber Tommy Caldwell. An amazing story of commitment and dedication. (the guy was kidnapped by kind of talibans during a climbing expedition and lost a finger with a chainsaw, nevertheless he never gave up climbing professionally).

An incredible inspiration to always pushing your limits.

Success and personal growth require a lot of self discipline, what keeps you going? What make you stick to your plans and work hard towards your goals? What drives you? What is your inner motivation?

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Sebastian Vargr

I like making things, can’t really explain it, there’s just nothing more satisfying then a finished project and then thinking of the things learned to get there.

The hard and annoying problems feel the best to solve.