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Personal Website Critique

Hello everyone in the community. I recently created a personal website to share basic information about myself including the books I am reading.

I am early into my software career and know that feedback is the best way to improve. If you have a moment to look at the site and/or the two repositories I would appreciate any feedback, improvements, or mistakes. Thank you in advance.

Front End Repo:
Back End Repo:

The site uses Angular and Bootstrap for the front end. Node.js for the back end with Sequelize to communicate to the MySQL database. Authentication is done via Auth0 and allows a logged in user to add, edit, or remove books. Currently I am the only user than can login for this functionality.

I hosted the app with Heroku and set up Kaffeine to ping the repo's every 30 minutes to keep them from going to sleep during the day.

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Torsten Dittmann

Just some minor things I would update :-)

  • add a favicon
  • order the timeline in the about page from new -> old (people usually don't care what you did a few years ago)
  • I would adapt the background color on the sides to the logo color (also the color of your shirt would fit the colors then and reduce color noise on the page ;-) )
  • I assume the login link in the top is only useful for yourself, so I would remove that from the navigation
  • the horizontal line at the years on the about page doesn't go full width (maybe put the year in the center and have the horizontal line go over the full width
  • in the books page, I would add an ISBN and if allowed the cover
  • in the books page, have the quote at the beginning stand more out (bigger font and margin)

I would also try to increase the overall readability of the texts. When there are bigger text blocks it get's hard to read imo.

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Devin Wagner • Edited

Thank you Tortsen, the feedback is great!

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Griffin Foster

More importantly than all of the features, you should expect your clients will, at some point, stumble across your site and read it. With that in mind, I would say that even more important than any of the features is ensuring that you maintain a professional appearance. So, I would run through your entire site and check to make sure that you are using proper grammar. (On the landing page alone, you have at least 1 grammatical error in every paragraph)
Hope this is helpful, and I really respect you for your bravery and willingness to accept criticism on your personal site.

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Devin Wagner

Thanks for mentioning that. I was in such a hurry that I did not see all the mistakes. Much appreciated Griffin.