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How do you avhieve SEO performance on your dev stack ?

There is so growing developers in full stack or web app frameworks and newer technology like flutter, webassembly .
It gives newer problems in SEO and how do you solve them !

Just for your opinionated discussion!

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Stefano Novelli

1) Use less JS as you can
2) Predict sizes of your Ads
3) Use native loading=“lazy”
4) Stay low with your CSS and optimize it
5) Optimize your images
6) Serve your static assets with CDN
7) Optimize your queries and cache it every time you can
8) Monitor your app and make a lot of tests
9) RSS, Sitemap…

We can debate to the infinite but I think the main rule is: “Respect your users and provide them the best web/app experience, respect their limits (accessibility, usability) and get better day by day”.

The best SEO is to make the web a better place.

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Thomas Hansen

10) GZip stuff

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That's great ! thank you