How to Plan and Execute an App Backend?

dylanesque profile image Michael Caveney ・1 min read

As a former inhabitant of "tutorial hell", I've noticed that one of the areas that that particular learning style hurt me the most in was the ability to work through certain problems from scratch, notably conceptualization. Using Express/MongoDB as an example: while I'm comfortable with the basics on the framework (middleware, routing, modules, making a DB schema), I'm struggling with certain aspects of backend planning such as:

  • Should I use a relational database for this, or will a schema in Mongo/GraphQL more than take care of any relational data needs?

  • How to effectively populate a default database for app users when they need base data, for example, several arrays of character data for an RPG stat tracker.

I know I'm not the only one who's struggled with both known and unknown unknowns when working on an app backend. What are some of the backend problems you've struggled with? How and where did you find the answers to level up your skills in this area?

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I am a largely self-taught dev from the greater Boston area. The technologies I'm most excited to work with these days are React, Gatsby, and Apollo.


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