Show off your Terminal πŸ±β€πŸ’»βœ¨

dylantientcheu profile image Dylan Tientcheu ・1 min read

Lately, I have been spending a lot of productive time in local and remote terminals.

I know developers love tweaking their tools to suit themselves. Through this post I aim to provide a sharing space.

My Windows Terminal (Powershell)

Windows shell

  • Hyper Terminal
  • Powershell

Is this really Powershell ?

Yes I achieved that sweet left prompt with Oh-my-Posh

My WSL Terminal (Ubuntu WSL)


  • Fluent Terminal
  • Windows Subsystem Linux
  • Oh-my-zsh with auto-complete

Show us yours 😍


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I just installed the new Windows Terminal with Powershell Core.
But I'm dull and stick with the defaults...


I retract my mentioning of Windows Terminal. It's still got stability problems...


iTerm, ohmyzsh

I have dig in to preferences, made always on top of my desktop



Oh! the italic font looks A W E S O M E πŸ”₯,
what is that font ? Operator Mono ?


A free version of Operator Mono font and Inconsolata for Powerline. These are my primary.


Here's my setup!

Iterm + oh-my-zsh (very unique I know :p) with the geometry theme

pic of setup


I just fell in love 😍 with the right side of your prompt... please share your config file