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Control and monitor virtually any Modbus RTU device from the cloud

It's almost inevitable not to worry about your high-powered devices running most of the day if they have no way of being monitored. ModbusBox, a very cheap yet powerful device, its the a great candidate to be in charge of reading critical variables and publishing those to any MQTT enabled dashboard such as Ubidots.

This device, manufactured by IOTBITS in the US, promises to take full control of Modbus RTU devices such as variable frequency drives, industrial power generators, energy meters and the majority of hobbyist power supplies and other workbench instruments.

One of its key features its the ability to modify its manifest file written in JSON format, making it possible to add virtually any Modbus RTU device to read and write any of its register without having to modify the firmware.

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The manufacturer announced their plan to make its firmware available to download on the website, allowing it to be used on any ESP32 powered device or development board. That is a great news for makers who wants to be able to have full control of their Modbus RTU device without having to pay much. For more information about ModbusBox please visit its website:

The cover image is not an actual image of the device.
Cover image by Louis Reed on Unsplash

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